Thursday, August 5, 2010

I missed you yesterday!

Hi Follower Friends,
    I did miss you yesterday, but I got alot done on the current quilt and I did get pictures, but somehow our camera made the pics into movies!!!!!!!!!!!  Is nothing simple in this world anymore?  I remember my first camera... no multipage manual to work it.  Put a bulb in the socket, film in the insides, and point and click.  Done!  It made good pictures and there was  nothing frustrating about it.  Now in order to show you the little plants and the quilt I have to go read up how to use the camera and how to delete the movies, or learn how to make movies (for things not moving) to put on the blog.   I think that will be another day.  I have quilt making to do. I still understand how my sewing machine works!

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