Friday, August 26, 2011

Our trip in pictures (okay, and words)

We went to Washington state to see our daughter and her family. Here are some of the pictures.
On the way there we passed by Mt. Shasta - my favorite mountain. You can see it from a long distance away.

We stopped to eat at the Black Bear Diner (tradition!)... took a picture of the mountain and my husband. (He's the one on the left)

 A mural on the side of the restaurant.

 This is a cinder cone that Shasta spit out eons ago.
Another view of Mt. Shasta, you drive around it for maybe 50 miles on Interstate 5. (And YES that is snow on the mountain, in late August in California. Global warming? I don't think so!)

 Emalee and Ben! So fun to be around!  Thanks for the memories
 Here is the first picture I took of this quilt I made for my daughter... quite a few years ago.  The pattern is from a book... Backyard Bird Quilts by Jodie Davis.
This one shows the bottom row of birds, and the tail end of Jenna, their princess pet.

This is something I added.  All the greens are to represent the trees in WA, so I made 2 flowering trees, my daughter, Chrissy and her hubby, Will.  On each of the trees is a heart, and the heart is inscribed with the other's initials.  Also, there are 4 different sized shrubs, one for each of the kids.  I enjoyed making this part.

Here's the Chrissy tree.

Now four of the birds.

 Grandpa learning how to play Wii from Ben (aged 9).
 The back of Rachael... read the shirt.
And the front....

 My brave darling daughter. She has gone through chemo, surgery and a week - at this point - of radiation.  She won't like it that I put in a picture.  She doesn't like her hair as it is coming in a different color and texture. It really is quite cute, I think, and it is coming in!!! I'm just so happy to have a picture of a live daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's Em again... we are all sitting around having a snack and preparing to play Canasta.  She beat me and my 50 years of experience!

Here's Ashleigh wearing her hat cause she hates her hair, too.  She dyed it just before prom - got the wrong color.  Remember youth?

We went to the Bonneville Damn - somehow I didn't get any pictures of that.  This is Multnomah Falls in Oregon. The top half falls 542 ft (sez the post card) and the bottom half falls another 69 ft. It's an amazing place.

Got a pic of these 4 grandkids while we were there. A beautiful bunch, I'd say, and I'm not at all biased.

 While we were at the Vancouver WA farmers market, we saw this dog dressed in a skirt and hat.
Here's the hubby again with the cat, Kits.  One morning while Bill and Chrissy were off to her treatment, Kits got up and sat in one of the kitchen chairs, presumably to look out the window, but she started chewing... she just kept chewing and looking at Ben. We were all there to play more Canasta. Anyway, I looked at the cat's dish, and sure enough it was empty!  She'd found a way to communicate that she was hungry.  She followed him to the bag of food and trotted back to her dish.

We had a great time... I did buy some fabric, and we did some jewelry crafting. I learned some Wii, too, and we went out to dinner, and watched the grands bowl.  It was lots of fun. Thank you, family, for making us feel loved and welcome.  Hope we can do it again soon.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. What wonderful pictures of your vacation, Terri. You have a beautiful family.
    Loved your quilt, too. All the shades of green and the paper pieced birds are lovely.
    Glad you were able to add to your stash collection :D

  2. Terri, I was so sorry to see that your daughter has been and is going through all of this. My Prayers go out to you. Have a friend who after treatment his hair changed colour and grew very curly. It eventually settled back to its norm .

    Did enjoy the scenery. A little bit reminded me of driving towards Austria and seeing the mountains in the distance.

    I think I feel sorry for the dog. Good job it is oblivious.

  3. Also meant to say that when blowing the photos up full screen one gets a sense of all the hard work going into the individual designs on the quilt.

  4. Just popped by to say "hello".Hope your daughter continues to do well with her treatment.Loved your quilt,especially the birds.Your grandkids look a great bunch.

  5. What a great holiday with family. I didn't realise when I looked at the birds that they were pieced and not appliqued. It was only in the close ups that I realised. It is great that you added a personal touch for them.

    It is so good that your daughter is fighting the cancer. She has a lovely family to fight for and with her.


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