Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Hope on 3 fronts!

So not much going on here in the quilting department. I've made some messes of various items and I'm letting my psyche rest from the disappointment in myself.  You all know what I mean.  I'm working on a set of pot holders... and they are turning out okay, for pot holders, but that's not the HOPE trifecta.

Here are 2  hope stories of the least importance:
You know I love plants, and starting them, especially difficult starts... Last year I got a Ginkgo to start from a pit, that I stumbled across while picking up Elm seeds. Well, it grew nicely, and took well to a transfer to a larger pot, and then dropped it's leaves during the fall.  I knew it would, I was okay with that. But the leaves didn't come back on when the others - out in the wild outdoors did! I was quite disappointed... I was sure it was dead.  It was 2-3 months late, but....
 SEE! I am soooooo pleased! It is back!

And  above, is the only - 1 of 8 - Magnolia's I got to start from a cone picked from my son's front yard. I took the red fruits out of the cone, and planted them. One came up!  That's the way it works. Not all seeds start up. It didn't come up right away either... I watered through the winter and spring, and then one day, mid June, I noticed something already sprouted quite high. It's still getting new growth, too! I think it likes this $1 large drink cup from McDonald's. It gives the new growth some light that isn't the really strong sunlight from that morning sunny window.  (New apricots fry when not covered by at least newspaper in our hot sun, so that may be what is working for this new sprout.)

But Now for the best bit of HOPE...
Chrissy's latest test - she was having some really bad pains in her liver area...
- showed the pain is from a large accumulation of liquid from her surgery, and not cancer!

It doesn't mean that she is cancer free, but that the latest test is a good one, and maybe the chemo is working better this time. Please, keep up the good thoughts and prayers for her. It seems, that with all she is doing, the prayers are helping, too. And I thank you all, my Friends, for that!!!!



  1. Such wonderful news about your daughter. Tell her to hang strong in this trial. Amazing that you got a magnolia from seed....that doesn't happen that often. It is a sure sign of hope for good things to come.

  2. Your Chrissy continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.
    Good for you. Success with the magnolia :D
    Cute pot holders!
    Have a nice Sunday, Terri.

  3. My best wishes to your Chrissy!

  4. Yea Chrissy! Hope this helps with the pain reduction.

  5. Good for your gingko and magnolic successes. It pays to be patient doesn't it?! I would have (stupidly) given up on both of those... This is a good reminder for me!

    Hurrah for Chrissy's positive news! That's uplifting!

  6. What wonderful news Terri! I am so happy for you. I hope they can drain the fluid painlessly. It is so lovely that dormant plants have suddenly come to life.

    Good luck with your pot holders.


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