Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Reading & Sewing....

I've been reading blogs and sewing... That's pretty much it.

Here are some pictures

Jennifer has a challenge going for paper piecers (see the button on the sidebar). Make one or up to 5 of the kitty faces from her free pattern and send them in, and you could win all of the kitty faces. There are rules posted at the link above (Jennifer). I did have a bunch of troubles with mine.... First, I'm not a cat person, so making a Tabby block... well I had troubles figuring out the colors, and second, they didn't turn out the correct size, so I may have to try again. Third time is the charm?  See the grey kitty has a neck. I made one of the pieces the wrong color. (I kind of like it that way. Looks like he is turning his head to look at me.) But alas, he is not quite 5.5" either. The spotty one maybe the wrong color way, and the nose and ear pink don't show much....also the eyes seem to be too green, and for me that gives him a lizard look.  What do you think?

Below is the commission I got a couple of weeks ago. Here it is rows sewn, but not together... oh, and the bottom 2 rows are pinned together and sitting on the sewing machine. Since the picture I have the flimsy done... now the part I absolutely hate. Basting
You all are wondering what happened to my colors, these are the colors chosen by my client. (Don't you just love that word?) All the fabrics are from my stash, and it is gorgeous in person.... the camera takes away alot. That yellow is textured and the olive green is actually  a muted gold. This is a mere shadow...   ( Notice the white paper in the center? It's my low tech way of identifying my pictures. I didn't want to spend all that time on Picassa or whatever.) 

Here's my two blocks for the Rainbow Challenge, see the button on the sidebar. Orange is the color for September... that one on the right looks yellow on the picture... I might have to make a couple more orange. I love o.
Okay, so this is the part of the blog I've been dreading. I have to ask you all to pray more. My Chrissy is having more intensified chemo... She is growing more cancer cells than one set of chemo can kill. She is now having chemo beads injected onto her liver - and that has worked this first time, but only cleaned a small spot. They will keep trying to clean off the whole liver (which was cut in half to take care of tumors previously, and is not growing back now since the cancer has attacked it again.) If this all sounds really serious, it is. The chemo weakens her so much, and then the second kind is worse. It is so serious that our SIL called us - we should come to visit. So please, please pray your hardest.


  1. Client? Nice. Pretty blocks
    Pretty orange blocks. Love this September Rainbow Challenge.
    I will say a prayer for you, your family and your Chrissy.

  2. First of all, your client (how official!) LOVES this quilt! :) Definitely not colors you like to use, but oooh the fall feel! Perfect for the upcoming seasons!

    Second, the kitty cats are darling. I like the grey one looking out at you.

    Continued prayers for Chrissy- and for the two of you as well. We love you guys! <3

  3. Huge hugs Terri. My thoughts are with you all.

    Cute cat blocks. I'm not a cat person either -more of a dog person.

    Lovely colour work.

    Ooooweee! A client! :-) Great one! Congrats! I like the Autumn lovely-ness in the quilt. It's my fav season.

  4. Meow!
    Love them so much! Would love to see whole quilt with that theme...

  5. I love your commission quilt. I was just thinking this morning that a quilt similar to that would be pretty! Now you've got me hooked.

    Terri, I've not been following in blogs for awhile and I wasn't aware of your family situation. Positive thoughts sent your way!

  6. Your tabby cat blocks are cute !

    I will pray for your Chrissy...


  7. So sorry to hear that the chemo hasn't worked. It is discouraging to go through all of that and have it not do what you had hoped for.

    The kitties are so cute. They look tiny!

  8. Very pretty orange block. Holding you up in prayer.

  9. Very cute kitties and very lively orange blocks.

    I will pray for your Chrissy.

  10. I've prayed for Chrissy and my prayers will continue.

  11. So sorry to hear the bad news about Chrissy. I've been praying for her. I have a post-it note just above my keyboard to remind me to pray for her. (Sorry, I'm really behind in blog reading).

  12. Terri, I'm so sorry to hear about Chrissy (and sorry it's taken me so long to read this!) My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family....


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