Sunday, September 8, 2013

Placerville CA Quilt Show and Hubby's New Robe Done!

Here are some of the quilts from the Gold Bugs Quilt Guild's Annual Show...

Love this one... sort of like a pattern designed by my daughter when she was 8 or 9.

So feminine... pinks and light greens - see a close up below.

It's all little strips of color - sort of log cabin - feathers are quilted over the green and flowers over the pink areas. Love the outside border - you can see it better on the first picture.

As a paper piecer, I love the cute little flowers, and the colors are so yummy!

Some applique.

Love the colors and arrangement of this one - it was huge and on the wall high above us, so no close-up.

This one was my favorite. Photo does not do it justice... there's a close-up below.

I wanted to remember how this one went together.

In person the colors were so rich... I think the flash drains a lot of that.

All these circles are pieced and appliqued to the black, but then you knew that.

Even the light yellow is pieced. Love the quilting, too.

These larger doggies were paper pieced, and then there were snapshots of real dogs, too.

I've been wanting to make a Storm At Sea - love that straight seams look like they are curved. Loved the coloring on this one - it was one of the smaller quilts there.
 Now here's a shock for you.... I took a picture of a brown quilt..... I know. I must be mellowing in my old age. (Here again the colors in person were sooooo rich, and the flash just drained all the color out.
Last but not least, my hubby is modeling my latest finish, his new robe. (If you saw the previous post he was wearing (for the last time) his previous robe. He's standing next to the picture of the bear he French Kissed at his cousin's wild life park in Minnesota a few years ago. (He fed the bear a marshmallow from his mouth through the fence to the bear... Icky bear germs!!!!

Full view... I even made the pockets!
So we are up to date. I'm back to packing and cleaning - YUCK!


  1. Oh my. Those are beautiful quilts!
    Hubby looks happy in his new robe.
    Just think of all the things you will find while you are packing.

  2. Oooh I like that top quilt – very arty and striking to look at.

    The deconstructed wedding ring quilt is just beautiful – a great interpretation of a classic design.

    And that robe is wonderful. And DH looks handsome as a model . Time for a second career perhaps?

  3. Love that flower pillow. The string 'flowers' are my 2nd favorites from the show. Cute! Hubby models well. I'm sure the bear germs are long gone by now.

  4. looks like it was a great show and what a great robe you made.

  5. Not being a sewer I think you are very clever. The umbrella quilt looks fun.


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