Sunday, December 15, 2013

Xs for the baby quilt

Start of the new Granddaughter's quilt...  I'm linking up to "It's Tuesday" see the button on the right.

So far... I don't know if I like the florals. They seem too harsh for a baby quilt. What do you say?
Be back in a few days with some more blocks... We had to vacate for a bunch of would-be-buyers this weekend. Interest is picking up. One was a repeat!!! Keep your fingers crossed that they are buyers.


  1. Right now the flowery fabric may be a little extra visible against the very soft blocks and light wall, but when you mix them into the happy scrappyness that I'm sure your quilt will be, they'll just add gorgeous textures.
    Crossing my fingers!!

  2. I think they will blend in's funny how at the start, things can look out of sync, but then they just all go together really well...hugs, Julierose

  3. Good Luck with the Looky loos...hopefully someone will fall in love with your house!

  4. I think those colors in scrappy will look sweet. Someone's going to buy your house when you least expect it.

  5. I'm not sure about the darker blocks. They might be just the contrast you need. I think you should make more and then decide. Hope the house hunters will soon snap up your house. It's such a drag to have to keep the house in order so you can show it at a minute's notice!

  6. The darker blocks look more for a woman, not a baby. Oh well. Hope the interest is 'real' and quick. You could be moving shortly into the new year. Look out for more snow in Wisconsin. LOTS this year, and it isn't even winter yet.

  7. I agree that you should wait until you've enough to mix the florals in with the pastels. It could work out just fine.
    Thanks for linking up


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