Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sweet 16 Start and Pink!

First I want you to know I'm linked up to the Sweet 16 QAL. The button is on the side bar.

I'm writing this during the Super Bowl.... I am in the room, but only to see the ads. Aren't they great? My favorite is the doggie and his horsey friends for Budweiser. Made me cry.

Now on the quilting front, I started to make the Sweet 16 blocks for the QAL seen on my side bar.  I start with strings of 2.5" wide sewn together dark (or bright) to light and dark to light... At first I didn't like the strips together... my color choices just didn't excite me. Now that they are cross cut and rearranged together, I like 'em... so I made more.

 First 4 blocks. I like them now.
(Please excuse the poor staging, but I don't have any space in the sewing studio... Ones on the right are on my tiny ironing board that stands atop of my cutting board. I've figured out how to use the cutting board without moving the ironing board. It takes me a while... learning curve, you know.)

The next 5 strip sets are made, and just hanging out waiting for cross cutting and resewing.
(That reminds me of some friends from high school who got married... anyway, he wonders why she cuts up perfectly good fabric and resews it to make a quilt. Why doesn't she just use the whole cloth. Duh! It's art, Randal.)
Anyway, the February colors has been named and it is

That's Carnation Pink, Tickle Me Pink on the right, and at the bottom, Salmon - the only 3 pinks in my box of 64 Crayola brand crayons. I tried other colors that looked pink to me, but they turned out to be in the purple family. Anyway, I've got plenty of pink fabrics, as you well know. I used some of them in my grandgirl's baby quilt... if you haven't and want to, see it HERE.

Figuring that pink would be the color for February, I made this pink butterfly to represent myself on the label of my grandgirl's baby quilt and kept a single picture for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. Now I realize there's no way to group it with other pink butterflies. Oh well. I'll make some anyway. They make me happy. 
So now that I've rambled on, and on, I'll leave you with a wish for a wonderful week of sewing.



  1. Love your colorful Sweet 16-patch blocks and little pink butterfly. I enjoyed the Super Bowl ads, too.
    Started working through my pink scraps today. Found lots of crumbs and skinny trimmings.

  2. You've got some nice bright colors in your 16-patches! I only watched the halftime show of the Super Bowl and part of the second quarter leading up to it, so I didn't catch many of the ads. (We found Tony Bourdain more interesting than football...) Hoping someone will put a "best of" up on YouTube so I can see them all there.

  3. I love that peacock fabric in the 16 patches.

  4. Adorable butterfly Terri.

    Ive found that while you may not love an individual 16 patch block , by the time you put them all together - you have something magical.

  5. The butterfly block is really sweet.

  6. Lots of new projects and lots of fun going on at your place. Don't worry Terri I still have my Winter cushion covers waiting for their applique (all year) it isn't so much of a learning curve as a hurdle to just get on and do. Nice to see another beautiful butterfly. That is a gorgeous design.

  7. I love your butterfly block! And your 16-patch blocks are looking great! That's going to be a wonderful, colorful quilt!!


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