Friday, April 17, 2015

4 More Purple Butterflies

I usually take these pictures on my ironing surface, but the space is filled up with stuff taken off of the sewing machine in order to quilt. That's how I work in that little room. On a regular basis I have to move stuff out of the way. There's no set place for it. Then later I have to move it again. The only reason I could find these is when I finish one I bring it out to the computer. That's my couch in the background.

On Saturday I'll share these on the Rainbow Challenge... see the button on the right.
Hubby's computer was taken over by someone... AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
He had email up, and went to shave...  While he was gone there were typing beeps going in his machine. I thought, at first, that it was his printer, but it was coming from his computer. After a few minutes of that there was a power down sound, and then the typing sound again. Has this happened to any of you? He called his email carrier, but they say it's a software problem. And while he was on the phone with them some strange list appeared on my post writing field for the title. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  I guess the updates added this morning (again without my permission) is to blame for that. Microsoft what are you doing to us?
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Beautiful paper pieced purple butterflies! Love them!
    Sounds like the computer is possessed. Creepy.

  2. I agree with the possessed computer. I've never heard of that happening. I do know that you need to be very careful what sites you visit, and don't download stuff when the site says that you need to in order to get their stuff.

  3. Lovely butterflies! Paper piecing is fun!

  4. As always...sweet butterflies. I use the same method of organizing in my sewing room...pile shifting!

  5. Pile shifting is a perpetual problem in the sewing room. Glad you butterflies few to the surface though.

  6. It's scary when computers have a mind of their own... love your butterflies! And your quilted signature too - cool idea.

  7. Sounds like a virus on the computer. Hope it gets cleared up quickly. Pretty purple butterfly's.

  8. Great butterflies - good luck with the gremlins in the computer(s).


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