Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Design Wall Stacks

I am making some progress on my offering for H2H. I started earlier again this year because I am so slow at this hobby.  Everything takes me longer than it used to... sign of getting older.

Here is a picture of my cutting board as of last night. I'm using it as a staging area for making the strips.

  I assemble these pieces using pins then go sew them together. I'm trying not to have too many the same in the same area.

I'm hoping it'll look better after they are sewn together. 13 rows up on the wall. Using these 'moveable' design wall pieces, I'm going to have to sew together before I have the 40 rows done. This might be a good sew together spot.

Thanks for all the great grand son comments. I'll share more pictures as they come to me. (He did roll over at 2 weeks old, so I suppose he'll be running next week.) I am right proud to be his great granny. I guess you can tell.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Special Pictures

You do know that I recently became a Great Grandma... (well, I always thought I was a great grandma) and here is my Granddaughter with my Great Grandson. (See the little piggies sticking out of the blanket?)

Look how alert he is... and this is still in the hospital!  Ashleigh says he looked at her right after delivery and when he heard his Daddy's voice he turned his head to look at him. Have you ever heard of a baby doing that - less than an hour after birth?  My kids were all geniuses (just ask me, I know) but this one takes the cake. He also held up his head for 10 seconds or so. WOW. Since he's been home he has tried to roll over, too. I thing she has her hands full with this Bright Penny.

Thanks for the pictures Ash.  Love you.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Starting a New Quilt

You know the problem... You have two other quilts to make, but you want to make a new one.
I've cut some fabrics already.

 White 2.5" X 10"ers and 2.5" X 8" colors... for the Stacks quilt shown recently on the Missouri Star Quilt Company You Tube show. Don't know if I've got enough fabric cut, but I'm going to start sewing this afternoon.
Here's my focus fabric I used to pick other colors. Hope it looks good. I'm hoping to use it for my contribution to H2H this year.
Thanks for tuning in.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bits and Pieces

Some random pictures today...

 One of my CA roses blooming indoors because other wise there is snow, ice and below 0 temps. as seen below.  Did you ever notice that roses bloom different colors in adverse conditions. I had a white one that would bloom pink when the weather got cold. This one is usually bright red one side of the petal and white on the other. White is still there, but there's pink on the other side of the petal... They also seem to have developed a peco on the petals that wasn't there before. Oh well, it sure cheers up the place.
 All our windows in this house (the 'new' one in Superior Wisconsin) have blinds inside the 2 panes of glass. Can't see out very well. I love to see it snow, but it's a bit difficult with these 'new and improved' windows. On this picture it's snowing, can you tell? This is the view out the back of the house.
I got some wonderful Christmas gifts! This one included fabric. I thought you might like to see it. The white has gold in patches - looks like gold leaf - very pretty.

Thanks to all who stop to see and leave me a comment. I've missed this lovely community.


Monday, January 18, 2016

New Great Grandboy quilt finished

Let's see if I remember how to do this.

I guess I do. Granddaughter chose the colors and most of the fabrics. I did "straight" stitch in the ditch one way, and a narrow wobble across that. I made the label on the computer. I hope it lasts.
Broc Edward William Meyers was born on the 14th. I'll try to figure out how to put a picture up here.

I did also finish the Outlander series of 8 books. Luckily it had a wonderfully happy ending.

So now I've got time to sew again. I've got 2 granddaughter's that will probably wed this year. Working on the one quilt for a year already - but not very much.

Now I'm off to see what you all have been doing in my absence.


Saturday, October 17, 2015

Still reading the 5th of Outlander...

Jamie just got bit by a poisonous snake while out hunting and only Roger nearby.... Claire is at home 10 miles away.  I gotta get back there - quickly.

So here's what I've been sewing - wonky stars for Alycia's QoV block along.  8 of them

some closeups... the blue one (between the red ones) is my first attempt ...I did figure it out later.


And even though it has been moved 2 times in the past year (really not even a year) it still is having flowers. My croton...
 and at another angle....

And here are some of the newest and only Halloween plants I made up for this year.

Another batch

I made some sedum from a batch we bought from the local nursery. I only have about 36 plants for this year. I don't know how many trick or treaters we will have at our new house. I guess they'll be first come first served.
Happy Sewing (& reading),

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Last weekend...

We went touring last weekend. We went to the Mall of America on Friday and tired ourselves out walking only part of it. Saturday we went to the Minnesota Renaissance Fair and walked and tired ourselves. Sunday we went to Costco... are you catching a theme here?

Here are some pictures from the Ren Fair.  Twenty some years ago we went to this Fair and it was in a wide open place, lots of tents and not much ambiance. Now it's wooded, lots of shady spots and sunshine (on that day) and the vendors and shows come with a building. Lots of ambiance.

 Here's the Hubby.

 It was supposed to be some kind of Octoberfest - beer flowing. I didn't see much evidence of that. I did see a bunch of visitors dressed in kilts and long dresses... not necessarily period clothing. (I did take a class in the history of fashion years ago. Your prom dress from 2009 does not qualify as period clothing for the Renaissance just because it is long.)
I'm reading the Outlander series, so the kilts caught my eye. Authentically, a kilt is worn without benefit of underclothes... hubba hubba. We saw a guy doing a handstand in a kiilt, but he was wearing britches..

 There were all kinds of buildings.

This is a picture of Puke and Snot - comedians (waaaaay up front of these people).. Their show is subtitled "40 Years in Tights". 20 years ago we saw them and it seemed they were lots more energetic. (Lots of the jokes were not period, and a good thing, too. The crowd wouldn't have understood  historical hysteria.)
There are elephant, camel and llama rides. There was a petting zoo and jousting, too, but I didn't get pictures. Gotta save some of that for next year.
So there you have it - a pass into the past. We did enjoy ourselves and do recommend it for next time you are in the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis Minnesota late in August to early Oct. There are lots of these living history fairs around the country. We've been many times to the ones in California and there's one in Southern Wisconsin we like, as well.
Now back to making some wonky stars for QoV through Alycia Quilts. (My first one was so wonky I can't even show it to you. Gotta try again.) See the side panel for a link to her blog for more information.
Thanks for stopping in.