Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Rest of the Tutorial

 Not a very good picture... I'm showing you how to make sure you have enough seam allowance for the piece we are about to sew. I lift up the end of the pattern so I can see the line on which to sew and the fabric underneath. Looks good, this time. Otherwise move the pattern and fabric to get about a quarter inch to the right of the sewing line. Sew on.
 This is the first 8 pieces sewn on.  You can just sew two 9s and two 10s as this pattern would have you do, but I've made hundreds of these and it finally dawned on me that I could sew the two pieces together at this point, and add one #9 and one #10 across the two blended pieces.
Now this is how I make sure the sewing lines line up. I poke pins into the lines of the two pieces - corners especially - then

add the pins to hold while sewing and take out the poked ones. Sew the seam
Remove the paper of the seam allowances of the seam just made so you can iron the seams open. Saves bulk here.

Oops, added #10 first. (This is how I get into trouble... I can't count.) Now adding #9

And here it is finished. I'll trim the fabric to the seam allowances (showing on the lined side) so it looks nice when I blog about it on Saturday at the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. 

Hope this helps you all to paper piece. It really is like paint by numbers, except it's best to keep in chronological order.

Any questions - leave a comment or email me. I'll help as much as I can.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

One Itty Bitty House

You know when we moved here we found this house to be way too small. I was quite over joyed to find a drawer at the bottom of my stove yesterday. More storage space! YES!

Well, this month the QM Bitty Blocks has a tiny house. It's just appropriate that I make those. Here's my first one done. Unfinished it's 3.5".  (I made a paper piecing pattern out of the directions. I never seem able to make a block exact sized without pp.)

The house fabric is leftover from Granddaughter tops I made in the 1990's for the first 2 grandgirls. It's always a smile coming across those scraps. I'm thinking all the houses will have the same fabric with different roofs and skies. Sew, back to work.


Butterfly (Paper Piecing) Tutorial

 Add butterfly color to the back facing out and pin  You can see that it fits the space #1 by holding it up to a light. Make sure it fits over all the seam lines for #1.
 Here's what it looks like from the side that will show.
Now add #2 fabric - in this case background. Pin if desired.

I always pin on the lined side - so while I'm sewing I can see the pins. Sew using strait stitches and small - 15 sts to the inch - so the paper is easily removed without ruining the stitches. Sew on the line between #1 and #2. Sew back stitches on each end.
 Now flip #2 and iron. Cut excess fabric off and trim seam allowances so the yellow doesn't show over the top of the background seam allowance, especially when using white. It'll show as a shadow once you are done. Explained better farther down.
Here's how it looks from the sewing side. I sure got plenty of #2 on there. You can trim that later after adding the next pieces.
 Now to add #3... It's a trickier piece because it extends farther out than the seam... see what I mean?
Sometimes when I don't know if the fabric will cover I'll pin it along the seam line - like below -  and flip it to see if there's enough.
Here's how that looks from the other side.

This is it flipped, and

here's how it looks flipped - showing that there is indeed enough fabric to cover #3B.

Unflip and sew from the lined side on the line between #2 and #3B... this is what you get.
Flipped back and ironed.

Sewn and showing that it covers all the outside  lines of #3B. On to #4...#5....#6 ... #7... #8 in the same fashion.

Here I'm showing you that the yellow is extending over the white seam allowance. You need to trim the yellow shorter than the white or it will show through the white as a shadow on your final product.

It's been trimmed (above). Now flip and iron. (Never trim the added piece until you have flipped and ironed.
Now on this particular pattern I sew the center seam next and make #9 and #10 as one piece each. It saves on bulk and fabric and I like the look better.... See that tomorrow when we finish off the tutorial.
Any questions - leave them as a comment or email me.
Happy Butterfly broadcasting.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Yellow = Sunshine!

The color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge  for March is yellow! I was hoping it would be a warm color because it still isn't warm here...  It is warmer than some other places.

I did my investigation again. This time I colored on of my butterflies for you. I wanted to let you know that I'm working on a butterfly tutorial for a friend (Yes, Ginny, that's you!) who wants to try this butterfly to learn paper piecing. It's not a difficult pattern.

First thing to do is color your pattern, or write color names on it. Some patterns can get really difficult once you are deep into them. Hard to know what color goes where.  On this pattern 1B and 3B are butterfly, the rest is background.

Here is my comparison of yellows from the 64 count of Crayolas... a lovely gift from my sister. Thanks Barb!

If you notice there is only a Yellow, Goldenrod and Dandelion for yellow. The golder colors seem too orange to me. I do have a bunch of golds in my yellow bin of fabric, but I don't know that I'll use them.

Anyway, if you'd like a step-by-step tutorial of this pattern for paper piecing tune in tomorrow.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

A New Start and a Flimsy

Oh yeah! On the same post a start on the Snowball and 9 Patch Sew Along. I've made Snowball quilts for 5 of the grandkids. I wanted to make one with white snowballs... go figure. This is about springtime snowballs. You in the Eastern U.S. of A. know about those.  Do they make you think of flowers and green grass?

------------  AND  ------------

here is the Good Night Irene sewn together but needs ironing before sandwiching. (It's the kind of witching I'm best at.) It all takes a while on that tiny ironing board. This one is for the Sweet 16 QAL and ultimately for the Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge 2015.

Linking up with the Sweet 16 QAL and the Snowballs and 9 Patches Sew Along - see the buttons on the side bar. Probably going to use the start on Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times tomorrow.

Have a lovely sewing week.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Last of the pink butterflies

The latest...

So, as long as I have been paper piecing, I've been making "mistooks". (Hahaha... spell check does not like that one.) Anyway, the two on the right are made with 2 colors of off white. It's a scrappy challenge, and I didn't realize I didn't have enough of the one color. Also, The pink rose print ran out... Well, first off I made 2 of the same side - like the heart I made earlier this month.  Mistooks all over the place. So I made two mutant butterflies. I hope they multiply - in lots of different colors. (You do know that pink is a mutation for butterflies anyway.) LOL

Have a wonderful weekend. We are having a sunny (so far cloudless)  day, so my weekend is starting out great... except for the fact that our washing machine is broken down. It's only 3 months old.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Project of Doom #8

I thought I was making this one for charity, then I realized - it's my background. She would want us all to use the same color for the background... So this one is mine.

I have figured out the names for them, but not how to apply the names. I don't want to embroider - too slow and bumpy. I do have a pen, but I also have a shaky hand... I'm thinking I might get some computer fabric sheets and using different fonts send a bunch of titles through the computer and printer.
Have a lovely weekend.