Thursday, April 21, 2016

Latest picture of GGson

Latest picture of the Great Grandboy! Just turned 3 months old and at 5-6 months old on motor skills, personality. Isn't he cute!  GG is so proud.

In sewing news - I started quilting the H2H quilt. Got 5 rows done. Just doing a zig zag down each row.  I like the look. Picture when it's done.


Saturday, April 9, 2016

H2H Flimsy Finished and Ironed

Yay! I wish I had worked more steadily on this.... It looks so much better after it was ironed.

Here's a center look at the flimsy finish.   Some close-ups below.

I started with a busy and colorful focus fabric. I like using multiple white on white prints, too. Keeps me from getting bored.

And here's my Christmas cactus blooming waaay late or waaay early.

That's the latest here. Thanks for tuning in.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Latest picture of my Great Grandson

Here's the latest picture of my Great Grandson... Isn't he cute?

Just thought I'd keep you posted.

Nearly have the top done for my H2H quilt.  I'll take some pictures and show it off then.

Happy Monday! So glad I'm retired.


Saturday, March 19, 2016

Return of the Prodigal Daughter - Me

Get out your fatted calf, I'm back.

I've been sad for a long time. Reading helped to hide, and napping too much. But now I've given myself permission to do what I want. Forget some stuff and glory in some other stuff and move on.

I don't like the quilt I'm working on for H2H... caused me to not touch fabric in months. So I decided to work on a few smalls that I've wanted to try for years. Here's one that was inspired by Monika KW  at My Sweet Prairie Studio - Love her work.  Sorry the pics are so blurry.

 Machine embroidery on top of fabrics for a landscape look. I'm thinking of a few "flowers" embroidered in the lower right.  What do you think?

And of course, this is paper piecing. Making a Cosmos from the Pieced Flowers book by Ruth B. McDowell.  I upped the size on my printer and used the straight seam design... but it's not quite a paper piecing design. I've had to change some of the seam lines to paper piece.
Hope you all are doing well, and thanks for stopping in to see my stuff.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Design Wall Stacks

I am making some progress on my offering for H2H. I started earlier again this year because I am so slow at this hobby.  Everything takes me longer than it used to... sign of getting older.

Here is a picture of my cutting board as of last night. I'm using it as a staging area for making the strips.

  I assemble these pieces using pins then go sew them together. I'm trying not to have too many the same in the same area.

I'm hoping it'll look better after they are sewn together. 13 rows up on the wall. Using these 'moveable' design wall pieces, I'm going to have to sew together before I have the 40 rows done. This might be a good sew together spot.

Thanks for all the great grand son comments. I'll share more pictures as they come to me. (He did roll over at 2 weeks old, so I suppose he'll be running next week.) I am right proud to be his great granny. I guess you can tell.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Special Pictures

You do know that I recently became a Great Grandma... (well, I always thought I was a great grandma) and here is my Granddaughter with my Great Grandson. (See the little piggies sticking out of the blanket?)

Look how alert he is... and this is still in the hospital!  Ashleigh says he looked at her right after delivery and when he heard his Daddy's voice he turned his head to look at him. Have you ever heard of a baby doing that - less than an hour after birth?  My kids were all geniuses (just ask me, I know) but this one takes the cake. He also held up his head for 10 seconds or so. WOW. Since he's been home he has tried to roll over, too. I thing she has her hands full with this Bright Penny.

Thanks for the pictures Ash.  Love you.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Starting a New Quilt

You know the problem... You have two other quilts to make, but you want to make a new one.
I've cut some fabrics already.

 White 2.5" X 10"ers and 2.5" X 8" colors... for the Stacks quilt shown recently on the Missouri Star Quilt Company You Tube show. Don't know if I've got enough fabric cut, but I'm going to start sewing this afternoon.
Here's my focus fabric I used to pick other colors. Hope it looks good. I'm hoping to use it for my contribution to H2H this year.
Thanks for tuning in.