Saturday, March 28, 2015

Last of the Yellow (March) Butterflies

So I didn't piece much this week, but I did make 6+ butterflies.


This is the one I started last night, and made a mistook. You know I can't count. I put on the 4 and 5 before I put on the #3. Oh well, we can fix that.
Fixed it.
Hope you are having a great weekend. I'm going to link up to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge . Check out other yellow blocks shown there.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday is Rainbow Scrap Challenge and National Quilt Day

Happy Quilt Day... I went to a party at the Craft Warehouse, my local LQS. I didn't get in on any of the prizes, but I had fun standing on a number, (the clerk then calls a number and if you are standing on that number you win!) and visiting with other crazy quilters. It was fun.

Here's what I bought.

 I arranged these so you could see the white on white pattern on it, but the camera didn't pick that up. Love that blue batik - I took all that was left on the bolt... 4 yards.

I got a yard of this purple swirl, too, aaaaaand

I needed some brown for the Harry Potter bookcase. It looked like wood to me.

I got a yard of the beige print to beef up the lights in the stash, and a quarter yard of the yellow...MMMMMMMMM

I didn't do much on my yellow scraps this week. Only two new butterflies to add...

I will link up to the Rainbow Scrap Challenge though. See the button on the side... you might have to go to her Home button to get to the linky party.
I have been paper piecing on the surprise at the bottom of this post.
Hope you all had as nice a Quilt Day as I did.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Still in the rough, but I couldn't wait to use it for my sign off.
Letter patterns are from Fandom In Stitches/Harry Potter.
I linked up with Beth at What are you making this week?
and Oh Scrap - see the button on the right, and so scrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, see the button on the right.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Harry Potter bookcase quilt block 11 Hedwig

I've made the smaller version of Hedwig lots of times.  This time I made her with a light grey muzzle and curly feathers on her chest. The white on white is a fireworks pattern. 

Since the book is red and gold I'm thinking it'll be a book not mentioned on any list... Famous Gryffindors of the 20th Century. (All thousand years of them wouldn't all fit in a book.)

You can still join up with the QAL. See the Fandom In Stitches button on the right.
There was a choice this week of Malfoy's Eagle Owl or Pigwidgeon, Ron's owl, or Errol the Weasley's family owl, or this one of Hedwig.

Really enjoying the making of these bookcase blocks. Thanks for running the QAL again, Jennifer.
Happy Weekend to you all,

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Paddy's Day

I've been raiding the archives of my previous posts for green things I've made, in order to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.... I AM IRISH - just like most of us. 
So here's a bit o'green for you to enjoy, and I'll be linkin' this post up to Val's Tuesday Linky Party.

This is the Bowtruckle from Harry Potter blocks at Fandom In Stitches - my favorite place for free paper piecing patterns.

And this Palm Leaf, I paper pieced in lots of other colors. I sooooo enjoyed making the blocks, but once they were put together, there are so many hard lumps where seams come together... It's a UFO right now. (I don't remember where I got the pattern... it was a free one, I know that and it's called Red Herring, I think.)

This is the wrong colored Felix Felicis I made from the Fandom In Stitches pattern.( Really shouldn't good luck be green rather than golden?) Anyway, I'm wishin' you all the best of the Luck of the Irish... today and always.


Monday, March 16, 2015

POD # 10 and another butterfly mistook

These are the Standard Books of Spells for levels 1-6 (Harry Potter didn't go to the 7th year). I just bought that speckled fabric last week and it just seemed right for a set of books that would be handled carelessly. Notice each year is a different color... One of these days I'm going to have to add titles, somehow.

And this is another mutant butterfly. I didn't have time to finish it last week... When I came back to it I thought it only needed #9 and #10 pieces added.  I forgot to put on the #8 pieces on each side. Oh well, individuals will vary.  I might make more of them this way.

Have a sew wonderful week.

Hands 2 Help Started Yesterday

My favorite quilting challenge (for charity) started yesterday.

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

There is still time to sign up. Use the button at the right to go to Confessions of a Fabric Addict... learn about the charities, prizes, linky parties, tutorials and other fun.

I've been working on a Sweet 16  as a Good Night Irene for a donation to one of the charities. See if you can figure out which charity I'm donating to.
Happy Monday to you all.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

2.75 more yellow butterflies

Happy Pi Day! (3.1415)

Not quite finished with the bottom butterfly...

It needs a top and bottom yet.

So I'm linking up with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge... see the button on the right to see what others have made from their yellow scraps.

We are having a rainy weekend here. Hope you have a wonderful one.