Saturday, August 23, 2014

Mason's Second Birthday and a fabric picture

Here's the Birthday Boy! Not yet 2 until next Saturday, but I think Daddy has to do his weekend of Guards that day. You can see here that the party was lots of fun. Lots of toys and tables out in the yard, lots of kids and their parents.

This is the Birthday Boy's Dad and 22 year old Big Brother. I just can't believe I have a grandson that old. How did he get that old, when I'm still so young?

Here he is again...handsome, huh?

 And below is the youngest granddaughter.  She's 7 months. Very tactile...loved the lace top I wore. Guess I need to make something lace for her to play with.
You can be so demure when Grandpa is taking the picture, but....

she loses it when Daddy comes to eat cheeks!

Chewing my purse. Easy to get pictures of her, but the little brother was on the move the whole time!

Now for the fabric.  You might think that it' s not quite right to show  this after such a lovely party... well the fabric was part of the party. While shopping with his Mom, the Birthday Boy picked out this chunk of fabric for his Granny. Mom mentioned that the fabric is what I used to make quilts, and  he decided he should "pick" some for me. He took almost a half hour to choose this grouping. 5 Fat quarters for me.... I can't tell you how wonderful it makes me feel. I think he needs a little drag around quilt out of his choices... What do you think?
So that's my report for Saturday. 
Have a lovely Sunday tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Friends!

Last week I was reminded to write a new post by one of my favoritest blog followers. (Thanks for caring, Shay.) Seems I haven't in a while. Oh dear... It's not because I'm so busy. There really isn't any busy going on here. There have been a bunch of people walking through my house, and some who have come through 3 times in one day - at an Open House.... which looks really promising, but no offer yet. Cross your fingers for me, will you? I've been packed up nearly a year already, and really yearning for my rubber stamps and the knitting, oh and my fabric which is boxed and in complete disarray and the quilting books I can't seem to find!

There has been a little progress on the secret projects, but I can't show that, yet.

Not much for blog subjects. 

Here's a (token) picture of the sewing room...

And some other random pictures...

Here's an old fashioned quilt kit I'm assembling for the married grandgirl.  She'd like to learn....Yay!  I'd love to be there to teach her. There is needle and thread, pins, scissors and ruler, the blocks I made for her quilt that I didn't finish, and a quilting magazine (with directions for making a quilt in the back pages). I guess I need to add a marker that she can use to apply a sewing line to follow while sewing. Then the hard part... finding a box to ship it all in.
Here's some fabric I bought this week, I'll like it best when it is cut up into small pieces.

Here is my orange rose blooming. It's been in this pot for years, poor thing. I started it from a stem from a bouquet from Costco. Sometimes that works.

Here's my youngest Silk Oak... from seed.

And finally a Hoya that nobody wanted at Halloween last year. Since then it's grown 3 long vines... sooooo pretty and interesting. It "looks" for a place to support it's habit (of growing). One day the growing tip is here, and another day it's way over there. (In this picture it is the reddish vine in the immediate foreground.) I tell my hubby that it's a body snatcher, coming for him. He reads his paper in the chair where I took the picture. OOOOO he's so scared... NOT!
Thanks again for caring whether or not I blog... I appreciate it.

Monday, July 28, 2014

A Family Visit

First an unusual occurrence  - I did not arrange these snippets   I think it looks like a sad Frenchman with a cigarette hanging from one corner of his mouth. I had to call my Hubby to see it.  Page down for the good stuff.

This is my Grandson the Tree. We are calling him the tree since he is only 18 and about 6'2" and still growing.  The shirt is about music, he said, but I know not of such things. Just that he is blood of my blood and a wonderful guy to behold. What a lovely legacy I have left.

Here is my Son - the Dad of the Tree - another wonder to behold. He is retired after 20+ years in the Air Force. Retiring as a First Shirt... a lovingly bestowed name for a Master Sgt. who has studied extra in order to help the guys  and girls in the lower ranks when they have troubles. He has lots of stories.

We took then to Fanny Anne's for lunch in downtown old town Sacramento. It's a fun place to visit and find souvenirs. I loved this little pink shirt, and my very excellent Grandson obliged me.(Not many 18 year olds would do that for their Grammies. He's a sweetheart.)
   You have to read this shirt. It says
Go Ahead
Push me around
But you ought
to know
I've got the Biggest,
Baddest, Meanest
in town
    Sacramento, CA
Look at my hand and my Son's - I wear a large man's size in gloves... wonder what size for him? It's like holding a bear paw.  I remember when his whole hand fit in mine and I could cover over with my fingers to encase it. Ahhhh, the good ole days.

Here I am with the Tree. Yes, I am standing tall and not in a hole.

The handsome Menfolk.

There is a picture on her marvelous camera of the whole group including the photographer, Mother of the Tree, but my camera didn't get a picture of her. (She is the bestest woman for my Son. He's wonderful, in his own way, and she knows how to handle that all. Love her, too. Safe journey, Family. Wish you all the best.
P.S. Grandpa loves those Big Foot shows where the witness tries to show how tall the furry person was .... here a comparison to the show. LOL  Hope to see you all again soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tomato Tornado and the Carrot Cluster

Here are the latest tomatoes laid out on the ironing board. No Squeezing!
 (I got 3 pair done this week and the business end of 6 carrots, too)

Here's all the maters together on the portable design wall. (Big foam core board.)

Here's the Carrot Cluster - nest week its tops and sides.
I'm using the tomatoes as Red blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge
It's a fun challenge, and just interesting to see all the different blocks in red this month.
So have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

In Carrot Mode

This is what Carrot Mode looks like...
Orange fabrics everywhere.

 What's on your sewing machine today?

I did say everywhere.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Guess what came in the mail!

Just now we got our mail... I got this...

 Two, count them, two full BIG bags of strips from my Buddy Terri Bohling (who blogs over at Quilting Nonnie - Nonnie means Grandma, but you knew that.)   I sent her some I Spy snippets and now she has upped the ante. There must be hundreds of 2 inch X WoF strips!!! Wow! I gotta say it again... WOW!
Now some close-up shots of about 1/4 of one of the bags...
and again another 1/4 of one of the bags. (You know, I don't see any repeats!!!!!)
How generous, Terri. You did it now. I'll have to get you back somehow. (Heart) I'm going to watch TV tonight and fondle these. I've got a big night ahead.
Thank you soooooo much. You made my week, maybe month even! I've gotta figure out something special to make out of  these.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It's not very pretty...

Here's my vessel for the Piggy Bank Challenge at Val's Quilting Studio.

Some of my favorite orange fabrics surrounding a nut tin Costco size. (Being I am trying to sell my house, and all my prettier things are packed since last October, I'm lucky to find anything for this challenge. I felt it would be goofy to buy some bank to do the job, when we're trying to save money. So this is it.


I cut a large sized hole so I can fit bills - although I hope not to use them. I will have to hide or take the bank with me when our house is being shown. In this area visitors like to take things - even little things as souvenirs. I've hidden my little owl that usually sits on my sewing machine. Wouldn't want to lose him.
Even though right now it isn't Wednesday I want to wish you all a Happy Hump Day, especially if you have to work tomorrow.
Happy Birthday to my Rachael. Love you, Honey!