Monday, August 18, 2014

Good Friends!

Last week I was reminded to write a new post by one of my favoritest blog followers. (Thanks for caring, Shay.) Seems I haven't in a while. Oh dear... It's not because I'm so busy. There really isn't any busy going on here. There have been a bunch of people walking through my house, and some who have come through 3 times in one day - at an Open House.... which looks really promising, but no offer yet. Cross your fingers for me, will you? I've been packed up nearly a year already, and really yearning for my rubber stamps and the knitting, oh and my fabric which is boxed and in complete disarray and the quilting books I can't seem to find!

There has been a little progress on the secret projects, but I can't show that, yet.

Not much for blog subjects. 

Here's a (token) picture of the sewing room...

And some other random pictures...

Here's an old fashioned quilt kit I'm assembling for the married grandgirl.  She'd like to learn....Yay!  I'd love to be there to teach her. There is needle and thread, pins, scissors and ruler, the blocks I made for her quilt that I didn't finish, and a quilting magazine (with directions for making a quilt in the back pages). I guess I need to add a marker that she can use to apply a sewing line to follow while sewing. Then the hard part... finding a box to ship it all in.
Here's some fabric I bought this week, I'll like it best when it is cut up into small pieces.

Here is my orange rose blooming. It's been in this pot for years, poor thing. I started it from a stem from a bouquet from Costco. Sometimes that works.

Here's my youngest Silk Oak... from seed.

And finally a Hoya that nobody wanted at Halloween last year. Since then it's grown 3 long vines... sooooo pretty and interesting. It "looks" for a place to support it's habit (of growing). One day the growing tip is here, and another day it's way over there. (In this picture it is the reddish vine in the immediate foreground.) I tell my hubby that it's a body snatcher, coming for him. He reads his paper in the chair where I took the picture. OOOOO he's so scared... NOT!
Thanks again for caring whether or not I blog... I appreciate it.