Friday, April 6, 2012

Chrissy is getting better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

=^..^= is what I learned today. I don't remember where I saw it, but it was on one of the blogs I follow, and I just had to try it myself.  Aren't you proud that you stopped here.

My Chrissy is getting better and better. She can walk the stairs to take a shower, but on the way down (after the trip up, and a shower) she needs a nap... Understandable after what she's been through. She has now added a few easy (hopefully) chores, and can do some things around the house. I am always amazed by that woman.

I've only sewn a few rows on my pink and red. Needs to be done sometime in April for the Project Linus Open house.

Notice I have 3 quilts now -overlapped - on my design wall. Can you see them all?

A better view of the laziness.

Here's the bunnies I made to be puppets for my kids and grandkid cards... I just ran out of interest in them. I threw them all into a project box... I hope they aren't doing any math...

The grey ones were to be "grey hares" given  to the kids who gave me so many of them...
and the white ones were for the grandkids... but they are all too old for finger puppets now, and pretty much only interested in computer games and boys.... What's a granny to do?

 I just don't like how the bunnies turned out, so I'm not giving them out.

We have had a turn in fortunes, and the car needs fixing... $400 to the radiator. (Never talk about money in front of your car... We got our tax return, and the car must have known.) It'll be more troubles after that. We've had it a long time, and it is a 2004 model. We've just been lucky to this point that nothing major has come up until now.  For the weekend we are prisoners in our house.  We'll probably walk up to the Taco Bell for a special treat for our Easter Dinner. Can't get the car into the shop until Monday morning. C'est la Vie!

Hope you all have a fun and Blessed Easter.