Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgivng!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!  I'm thankful for each of you - and a lot of other things, too...

I'm especially thankful for my sight, and color!!!!
(I thought it was just the drab day that produced this picture...)

so I took a bunch more on a sunny day...

 The coloring is much better, but still not as red as in real life.  This little tree is just amazing, and like the Weeping Willow in Harry Potter, drops it's leaves all at once. Kind of comical. (It's a Chinese or Japanese Maple... I cannot remember which.)

I have made some more progress on the Red, White and Blue.  NEED. MORE. BLOCKS!  Then we will have a double row of white centers around the outside - probably no border...

And another close-up.
So have a good time with your guests, and save room for dessert!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

More Paper Pieced Hexies aaaaand

I've made a bunch more... I'm going to have to open some boxes or go shopping soon. I really don't like the same ones to show up this often. I am liking it so far.

I plan a one inch white strip between the rows.

 I'm using white on white prints for the white... Genius, don't you think so? It's something extra to discover.
Thanks to Cheryl, I got mine!  Harry Potter postage stamps! We got two sets - one to share and one to keep.  They just came out, so get yours soon.
If I don't post before, have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Grandboy and Fall plants

Hello again....
Saturday we traveled a couple hundred miles to have lunch an play with our newest Grandguy who is just over a year old.

He loves his Hobby Cow - especially when it's powered by Daddy.

 Couldn't you just eat him up?  So handsome.

This is the "little" Japanese Maple that we bought for $1.49 and it was about 5" tall. After about 12 years it's probably 12' tall.

 These are some of our bag dwellers. Goldfinches love these Niger seeds...

But they wouldn't stand for my camera at the window, so we had to trick them.

We tried really hard to get you some good pictures of the white Christmas cactus blooming.  3 flowers this year (one is on the other side).

Fabric comes in handy for many uses.  (This plant  is very dear to me. My daughter gave me a cutting of hers - a gift from her hubby.  She killed hers and I made her another, when that one died, I made her a second one. So this one is still not very big, but it makes angel-like blooms, don't you think so?)

I have made a few more  hexie red, white and blue blocks, but they aren't on the wall at the moment. Come back next time and I promise some quilty pictures.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Our Back Yard today

We were surprised to see our lilac blooming - today! It did bloom this spring, I guess it thought this was a second spring. (Not it's usual beautiful full cone shape, but fully scented!)

Some of the "dead" roses that my oldest son and I planted. He got them out of a dumpster at the construction site he was working at the time.

I like to call them tangerines, but they aren't the Honey kind. They are yummy! I picked 3 today - we will see if they are ready.
 Grandson (from Florida) says these are Mandarin Oranges. They are a bit milder than the above.
 Oranges - next 3 pictures - some are still green and others are almost there!

Now the Passion Flowers (a vine that starts on the neighbor's side and blooms on my side...LOL)

This Pecan was planted by my oldest son. Wish we could stay for the first nuts.
 Princess Dianna roses

 My Lavender plant - grown from a little cutting... I've given away dozens to the neighbors.
 And this Morning Glory given to me by a neighbor has been lots of Halloween plants, too. It grows wild, across the fence through the fence and along the ground where it can - up the roses, pine trees and lipstick vine on the other side of the fence... very opportunistic.
Don't want to forget this place.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some of everything...

Howdy Folks! Yes, I'm still alive and living in California. We've had 3 Open Houses and 5 private showings of our house now, and nobody has offered anything.  We did okay at our 2 rummage sales, but only just okay... still have lots of stuff to get rid of.

We had a ball at Halloween!  Lots of folks told us they'd miss us (if we ever sell). They have enjoyed, over the years, our Hogwarts Greenhouse and all the plants.  Our neighbor across the street brought over their Friendly Cactus so I could see that it had grown A LOT.  Here's a picture of them.

The Trick or Treaters come in all sizes, and they all got plants if they wanted them.

(That's me in the chair explaining something about the plant - probably a Cork Oak Tree. )

Above is Harry Potter (played by my hubby) holding the Sorting Hat.... he did that all night. Some kids even came back to get a second reading.  One of the teenage girls across the street WANTED to be in Slitherin... she got her wish.
 Below is the abstract art that decorates our bathrooms during the Fall.

And I have gotten some time to sew lately. I've given up playing the games on the computer... lots of found time there. They are red, white and blue... the white looks a bit grey here, but it is white prints on white fabric. (Pattern is a freebie paper piecing pattern from Aunt Reen's Place.  Thanks to you Aunt Reen!) It's a really easy paper piecing pattern.
And a close up. I think I'll put a white strip between the rows. It'll save me from the bunchy joins. (I hate when I get the bunchy joins - don't you?)

I've been enjoying reading your blogs. (Love getting away from the incessant cleaning!)