Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Miracle Pile

I'm so excited!  I just found the Miracle Pile!

I was looking through my boxes of multicolored stash for pieces I can cut into fat quarters to make a prize for the H2H.  I found the five I promised, but I was looking further - for better choices? or more pieces?  You know how it is when you start into the fabric bins... touchy feely... I was enjoying the moment.  Good thing I kept looking.  I found several stacks of 5" squares already cut from those fabrics. Yay!  When I counted the pieces = 192 and I'd already cut other purples toward the project.  I don't have to cut anything else for the Hobe Camp 48X60 quilt I planned to make.  Here's a look at the pile.

 From the top - some few won't be used because they were cut to be a snowball quilt many years ago.

From the side...
Now I need a color for the stars. I'm planning on the first star quilt that Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict shared. Mine will feature plain stars in a wild sky.

You all know how slow I am at getting things done... I've got a head start this year!

So if you'd like to know more about the Hands to Help charity (it hasn't started yet) use the above link, or the button on my side bar, and check it out. There are 3 charities (again) this year, or you can give to your local charity and still be included in H2H.  There are guest writers along the way, and prizes! 
Last year I won this

Thanks for stopping in, and sharing my joy.

Have a great week.