Friday, December 10, 2010

Amazes me every time!

It always amazes me how many are blogging, and I'm sure I've just scratched the surface. I started reading the quilter ones that I could find, and since then I have found Zentangle ones, recipe ones, and now there are the card and scrap ones.  I've just been on an amazing Blog Hop.  Hero Arts is coming out with new art rubber stamps, and is showing them off through their designers on their blogs.  I learned new techniques and had lots of fun seeing the new stamps.  If you like that sort of thing go to The Hero Club Blog at:
You'll find all the names of the designers to click on and go to see their creations. Lots of fun!

Well, I am now famous for my beautiful boobs.  If you'd like to see them, in two (no less) places on the web, just use these two links.  They are pictured there for anybody to see at Make a Boob.
and at Mrs. Moen's blog
You can learn how to make some to send and share in the giving at this link to Make a Boob
I am enjoying not only the making, and sharing for a good cause, but also the naughty bragging!  Mine are now internationally known.
Well, I think that's enough naughtiness for me today.  Christmas is coming up, you know, and I can't get caught being too naughty by Santa.  He sees it all.
Love you all, you know. 
<3 Terri

Friday, December 3, 2010

Yup, I changed things up a bit

As you can see I changed the blog a bit.  I love the little doggie pictures, and Rodney, well he's always been one of my favs.  The header is a bit from a quilt I made a few years ago, and I've used the martian fabric to fix a "blankee" I made for a neighbor.  He "loved" big holes into it, and I used some fabric glue and fun fabrics to fix it.  He liked it even more then.  Now he's playing basketball every day in the driveway... it's been that long ago. Hard for me to believe we have lived here over 11 years already.  Seems like maybe 3. Time flies when you're... well, you know.
I'm having a cup of Acai Mango tea from Celestial Seasonings.  I love this tea... it tastes like dessert! It's a little hard to find in the stores... but keep trying. It is worth the trouble.
I got my QuiltMaker Magazine in the mail today.  There is a paper piecing pattern in there for a sailboat quilt that is cute as a bugs ear... bet you haven't heard that one in a while.  Here is a link to get the last 12 patterns they have created for the Linus Project. I love all those patterns, except 2 of them.  See if you can guess which 2 I don't especially like... for kids anyway.
Got to talk to my daughter this morning.  She's as chipper as ever. What a little trouper!  Is it okay to admire your child?  She's like a roll model for me. I wish you the bestest of the best, Honey! Love you lotses!
And as for the rest of you dear readers, well, I love you, too! Thanks for stopping bye.
<3 Terri

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Decorations at the Mall & weird cloud patterns

Hi again,
I went to the Galleria Mall in Roseville, of a purpose to take pictures of their Christmas decorations.  It's a big shopping center that recently had a giant fire, and maybe that is why there just wasn't much in the way of decorations for the Season.  Anyway here are some of my photos:

The entrance to the mall.

This is just a pretty Christmas quilt and pillow in a window display.

One of the windows that was actually decorated.  I don't know if you can see it, but the "snow" is like giant sequins on strings.  I like the design for a card, maybe.

This is some of the crazy clouds we saw on our drive home.  At first we thought it might be air plane contrails... when did you ever see a contrail interrupt a cloud bank?  Weird.

This is either a cloud baby or a cloud wart... right above our across the street neighbor's house.
Then we raked leaves.
(Wish I could show you the project I am crafting, but there are some out there who actually follow this blog who will be receiving the end products, so I'll refrain from bragging. Suffice it to say that I checked out the type of product at the mall today, and this year I think I'm right in keeping with the newest trends!  I think that's because I read the blogs of some younger crafters and they have influenced my designs.  Anyway I hope the recipients like their gifts.  Back to the production line.)
So there you have an interval from my day.   Hope you enjoyed it.
Love to all my followers.  You know who you are!
<3 Terri

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble, Gobble! Hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

I am especially happy and thankful that my family is alive and doing the best they can to be well, too.  You all are in our prayers, today especially, but always.
I'm also happy that I don't have to cook today.  We are invited to new inlaws for the day, and we are bringing the rolls, so easy peasy! and thank goodness for that.
So to all you out in Blogland, Happy Thanksgiving - even if you are not celebrating the Day today.  We are thankful for you all.
<3 Terri

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Make some Boobs for breast cancer!

First, I want to say a Thousand Thanks to all the Veterans out there.  Your sacrifice is very much appreciated in our house. We have 2 Veteran sons, my Hubby is a Vet, my Dad was in WWII and at least one of my Grandpas was in WWI.  (They cover Air Force and Army, and Army/Air Force.)  And to the Disabled Veterans a double Thank You.  I'm sure we all wish there was some way to repay you all!
God Bless You!

I wasn't going to blog today... not ready with the tutorial on  book covers, but I found this on Mrs. Moen's blog.  She's from a Scandinavian country - Denmark, I think - and I enjoy her blog very much.  Anyway, she has started this project for breast cancer.  Go check it out.

Mrs. Moen's breast cancer project

I made 2 pair already.  They are pink and rough cut, so the ladies there can cut them out however they wish. (I won't show mine as they are rough cut, and not so pretty... and I want you to go to her blog and see how easy they are to make.)  I'm thinking I'll make some more, too.  Gotta do something... I have fabric. LOL (You know that is an understatement!) and I have time.  I've made a few mug rugs for my DD to share with people she meets while waiting for tests and such.  She's been diagnosed and now faces all kinds of tests, doctor visits, etc.  She's always been a giving person, and now has to give up some of her volunteer activities. I know she is missing that... so this way she will have something to share... and I will feel like I've donated to her wellness. (We live 600 miles apart.) Don't feel sorry for her... she wouldn't want that, but you can pray for her.  She is in good spirits - as usual - and she is following the doctor's advice. All seems to indicate a positive outcome. Pray and promote Global Smiling!

Thanks for stopping in. I love all my followers!  Leave a comment. Heck, leave two, I could use some company!
<3 Terri

Monday, November 8, 2010

Finally got the hang of it!

Okay, I got an older picture to upload to the blog!  This is me in the green shirt with son #2 hiding behind me, his wife and son and daughter!  I loved seeing them. They left the day after the wedding, and we met them at the airport to see them back to the 49th state. Brrrrrrrr.

Lets see if I can get some of the Halloween pictures into the computer while I'm at this blog. I did it!  There were a few new tweaks to get them to load, and to show up here. So here is Halloween at our house.

Above is me as "Prof. Sprout" with some of the little plants ready to hand them out.  (Candy in the huge pot on the floor. I was successful in adding a false bottom to the pot, so it would look like there was lots of candy.)  (You can see a larger version if you click on the pictures. You can make out the kinds of plants and read the upcoming homework that way.)

Above is the second table of plants with seeds and a reference book as well.

Prof. Sprout again... showing off some homework. There are leaves, seeds and a little bark on the birch spot - being covered by my hand.  I looked up information on each kind and printed that out on the parchment and burnt the edges to give the impression that it was old.  I really enjoyed doing that. I learned lots of stuff about the different kinds, too.

Here's the hubby as Harry Potter.  Kind of convincing, isn't he. One of the little visiting witches asked if he was Harry Potter... and he said "Yes" and got the wand to light at the same time.  I guess that's why he is HP every time.  He loves to ham it up... and the kids love it, too.
We had a wonderful time, and the reason we have no pictures of the Trick or Treaters it that we were busy!  We had lots of them, and at the same time, too... and then we welcomed the parents in to choose a plant if they wanted one.  There just wasn't time to take pictures once they started to arrive.  We gave away about half the seeds and three fourths of the plants, and luckily most of the candy.  I have a sign up for anyone who wants one to take one of the remaining plants. I want to do a different HP scene next year. Possibly Prof. Tralawny's tower. Got any ideas for me?
Next time I hope to have a tutorial on making book covers that will fit different sizes of books...
Keep tuning in. I'll get the hang of this sooner or later.
Luv to all !

Monday, November 1, 2010

Now the clean up...

We had a marvy time last night.  The kids had such great costumes and were enthused about the little plants and seeds.  I was quite surprised at the different plants they liked. All the tangerines from seed are gone.  All the Tree of Heaven/Hell seeds are gone. But there are lots of seeds and little plants left.  We did have about 200 trick or treaters and some parents who took plants and seeds, too. One of the dads was dressed up as a scare crow, and one other was wearing the orange jumpsuit that prisoners wear. He said he escaped from the closest prison to us... I hope it was just a costume. Lots of little ol ladies came from a party near by... and we sent them off with a plant.  I think the adults should have some Halloween fun, too. We did.

So now the clean up.  What do I do with the leftover plants and seeds? (I know what to do with the few bits of candy that are left.)  I want to try a different Harry Potter scene next year. We've already done the common room.  I'm leaning toward Prof. Trawlaney's classroom or the Potions Dungeon. If you have any ideas on either, let me know.
<3 to any reading this...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Aunti" Yuppie

Hello and it's almost Halloween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just wanted to let you know the latest in seed packet dilemmas.  I gathered some "Tree of Heaven" seeds a couple of days ago, and thought the name was Tree of Life.  Well, I couldn't verify that with a book or on the Internet, so I e-mailed the local town where I see alot of these trees.  I found their arborist and from a description of the tree and seeds he told me they were called Tree of Heaven, but known locally as "Tree from Hell". The male trees stink, and the females drop hoards of seeds that germinate easily... also they are drought resistant, which is a good thing here, but they start also by roots sending up suckers all over the place.  Now my dilemma, should I offer the seeds to poor unsuspecting ToTers?  or ditch the seeds in the garbage?  I did write a seed packet warning the unsuspecting gardeners.  How responsible do I have to feel here? I want the kids to have a good starter and quick grower - T of Heaven... at the same time I don't want my neighbors to suffer with a stinky or insistent weed of a tree from He double toothpicks.  I'm going to make up the packets, and add a tab saying "For Slytherin Gardeners".  Ha Ha Ha Ha! What do you think?
Little bit of Heaven, for some, or a little bit of Hell for others.  Isn't that the way with everything?
Here's wishing you a fun and wonderful Halloween.  Hope you have lots of cute and scary trick or treaters to brighten your door.
<3 U, Terri

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's getting closer!

Hello fellow bloggers!
I"m still having trouble figuring out how to get the pictures in here.  Yesterday I made new cuttings of honeysuckle and passionflower vines.  They start up really fast, and the ones that have been growing all summer in the little yogurt cups are yellowy and don't look very healthy. 

Last night we folded, stapled, filled and closed the seed packets. We have 56 of those. I'm debating whether I should use up the cherry pits from last year and all the apricot pits I saved.  I really don't know what I saved them for, if it wasn't for the seed packets... but the seeds this old may not germinate. 

Today, I'm going to work on a couple of simple poster games that the kids might enjoy.  One will have seeds and their seed pods on them and you will have to "pick the plant" named in the second column that corresponds.  The second game will be trees from our neighborhood, a "Tree I.D." fashioned like the previously mentioned game.  There will be a yarn "line" to put in a hole with a nail "peg".  I hope the ToTers like them.
So I am off... but you knew that.
<3 U followers - you know who you are!
Terri / Mom / Grammy

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Getting ready

We are having a storm today!  Wind and rain only, but lotsa wind.  We took all the little Halloween plants off of the patio yesterday and are storing them in the garage.  They will need to be there for our little diorama of Hogwarts Greenhouse #3 on Sunday so that'll save us another step on Sat or Sun.  We moved over 200 plants, brought out the indoor plants as well, so they are altogether now.  It's amazing what is left over.  I ditched the 5 potato plants in drinking cups.  They each had 1 or 2 tiny potatoes in them.  Some of the seeds and pits didn't germinate, so they are not with the 200+, and some cuttings looked terrible after the whole summer and not transplanted, so they aren't going either.  I worked hard, and now feel lonely... like my babies will soon be off into the world without me.  Hope I can figure out the photo thing before I give them all away.  I'd love to show them off.
Working on the seed packets, too.  I have seeds for Agapanthus, Columbine, Oak, Mimosa, Birch, Spearmint, Mullien, Catalpa, Tangerine, Cosmos and Hollyhock - and I thought I might not have enough variety to do the seed thing this year! 
Well, I'd better get to it... Thanks for stopping by.  <3 U, Terri

Thursday, October 21, 2010

thought I was invincible, I guess

When all the other bloggers were having their troubles with the picture downloading, I thought that wouldn't happen to me.  Today I found out otherwise.  I took oodles of pictures of my last roses - on a sunny fall day - to show you, and some of the new Halloween plants... to no avail.  I can't figure out how to get them into the computer.  A couple of weeks ago Microsoft updated, and changed our computer - forever - I guess.  Since then I lost my Microsoft Works - put it back onto the computer from the old software disc, but still lost all my files, and the new stuff works differently... not a big thing, but I've had to rebuild my address file.  Good thing I never trusted the #@$^%*&~+##@ thing with the Christmas list or any other handy list that would have only worked until they put on an update without my permission.  I wonder why they think I have nothing better to do than to keep up with their destruction.  I now keep a paper copy - in this paperless society - to backup the junk.
So no pictures of the roses, but I'll look through the files I did retain - of some old pictures to put on here.
Well, I can't access the pictures I can see that are in my computer from before the update.  So no pictures. 
Guess at this time in my life that is a good thing.  I really need to go sew.  I have a couple little paper pieced projects to finish.  Gonna make a couple of "mug rugs".  I have a couple of people in mind for them.
You also won't be seeing the very excellent gifts that my Sis sent me for "early Christmas".  She sends me Halloween things I might like for Christmas... cause I like Halloween better. (See previous posts for the reasons.) Yesterday I got a crystal ball, Hermione's wand, and the Marauder's Map... to use in our Halloween diorama.  What a generous gift. I can say Thank You Sis!!!!!!!!!!!! but I can't share the pictures with you.
Well, I'm off to sew.  Thanks for stopping in to check on me.
<3 You and I especially <3 my Followers!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween sign

Hello and welcome to my blog.
Today I'm showing the sign I was inspired to make for the neighbor kids from a Happy Halloween sign I saw a while ago on one of my blogs.... probably "One Pretty Thing" - I really don't remember where I saw it. Anyway, this is what I made:

It's from a roll of white paper that I dyed with strong coffee - not just a breakfast drink - and used paper piecing quilt patterns from for the letters. (It is a free pattern site, just so long as you don't sell your product you are okay with the copyright laws.)  I used the letters to figure out the numbers and put the numbers on with removable tape so I can change the sign every day.  I also burned the edge to make it look like old parchment.  (Backed it all with heavier cardboard - the bit between layers of TT at Costco. - free for the taking!!!)  What'd you think?  I love it, and I hope it conveys to the neighborhood how excited I am that Halloween is coming soon.

I also took a couple of pictures of the trees in my yard - some of you have not been here in a while so you haven't seen my Squirrel Tree (an oak) that has started making acorns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Still don't know how to turn the pictures upright.  Anyway it's on the side of the driveway and for years we tried to pull it out, cut it down, and finally left it grow... a squirrel must have planted it - thus it's title - because there are no oaks within earshot of our house.  He plants them in my potted plants, too.  I don't know if you can see it on the next pic, but there is a different kind of oak in the pot of my Silk Oak that I started from seed.  I am really proud of that one.  I didn't even know if what I planted was the seed or a grain of dirt!  There is a Silk Oak in our neighborhood - a few blocks away - that I scavenged "seeds" from, and in about 4 years I have this:

It's in the pot behind the chair needing transplant into a bigger pot, but we needed to get more dirt.  It is a frond sort of leaf that makes it look silky.  Can you make out the little plant at the bottom - that is a totally different kind of oak planted by that #@!!!%&$ squirrel.  (Why did the computer put that in blue and underline it?)  Anyway, 2 other potted plants carry that extra squirrel tree.  I hope I can keep them alive to put with the little plants for Halloween, but I have to transplant them to some other pots.  My work is never done!
Hope you all are in fine fettle again.  Love to all my readers and especially to my followers!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

What a sabbatical!

No particular reason, just didn't know how to share all that had happened.  Since I posted last I went to a lovely wedding - outdoors in a wooded, shady garden behind the St. George Hotel in Volcano, CA.... one of my favorite places in CA.  My sis and bro-in-law drove all the way from SD to be there and were our house guests for a short visit.  (Hadn't seen them since 2002.)
       The groom (my son) got misty eyed when he saw his bride walk down the isle... we were all touched. (He's the one that just got back from HazMat type training in the Army - big tough guy.) I cried, but I have no idea why.  The mom of the bride was dry eyed.  I envy her control, but then I am older, and we older women tend to let it all hang out - which you can see on the pictures..... LOL.  I enjoyed the wedding, and the guests, but best was seeing my son #2 and his family that I haven't seen in almost a decade.  (They are a career Air Force family, so we haven't seen them since they were stateside in NC.  Now stationed in Alaska.) Granddaughter 2 is taller than me now (at 16+), and Grandson 2 is also (at 14+). Imagine how tall they will be when they stop growing!  And my #1 Daughter-in-law...Love you girl!  Precious moments.... We took the kids and DIL to see the Jelly Belly Factory!  It's a sweeeeeet destination in CA.
       Also got to see #1 Grandson.  He is now 18+  and quite the gentleman.  In the reception line he was mistaken for the brother of the groom (who is almost 40 but still looks young enough to be the groom to his bride in her early 20s.)  Somehow I think my grandson was happy about looking older, but he is the groom's son! He lives in Florida, so we don't get to see him that often, either.  I always wanted to be the "hands on" grandma... babysitting, baking cookies and spoiling the little ones... didn't happen.
     Since the wedding I've just been sewing and watering little plants.... so elated to see the day lily seeds I harvested (out of free plants from the local nursery).  Here's a picture:

In the picture you can see the 3 of the four day lilies have germinated!!!! Hurray!!!  And then there is a Columbine to the right of them, above that is a Crown of Thorns that has gotten leaves, too.  My babies are growing up. Sweeeeet!
          So I'm back to blogging, and will show some quilt works in the next few.
Love 2 all my viewers and especially all my followers!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reading blogs!

Dear Readers,
I just finished enjoying the blogs I look at every day.  (You can see my list on my profile. It doesn't show very well with this background, and I didn't choose that color for the link that will bring you to it... well, I'm just learning this blogging thing.  It's under that paragraph.) Most don't blog every day.  In fact, I just started one that has not blogged in over 2 years, but I love to look at a different part of it each day, and when I've finished seeing all that is there to see I'll probably cut it loose from my list.  I just appreciate the "eye candy" and the sharing that goes on even after the blogger has moved on to some other interest. The sharing and caring is lovely!  I was so excited to see that one of the blogs I really admire left me a comment.   I feel like I've been visited by a celebrity!  (Well, let's just throw caution to the wind and try something new - to put a link here to her blog...)  Wanda blogs every day, sometimes twice a day - and that is really impressive in itself, but then most of those days she also has new quilting done to show us, or pretty bird or garden pictures to share.  She is  inspirational. (I suspect that there are more than 24 hours in a day where she lives.)
I enjoy the trips I have been on while sitting here in my easy chair.  Today  at we went to a living history museum in Tennessee. I love that!  I've been to castles with and on Holiday with to Scotland and places around England. Reading blogs has found me lots of fun things to make, and shown me how to make them on tutorials at many different craft blogs. Here's one for a cute "recycling" project.  I won't show you all the tuts I've saved on my favorites.  You might be getting something for your birthday or Christmas from one of them. 
I even love reading blogs in foreign languages.  It's fun to see what their language looks like and try to read it.  Here's an example of one I like in Norwegian.  There usually are  pictures to help.  Suffice it to say, I love reading blogs!  And that is why I'm writing one.  I want to pass on some of my enjoyment.  Keep on reading!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cross training...

Hello My Pretties...

Since I haven't any cards to show you - I've given them all - I'll show you a piece of Zentangle I've been playing with.

I like it all except the four petal flowers... maybe some spikes on them will improve their look. I especially like the scalloped vein with the dots in a wavy pattern. I like my doodling.  I thought I might - someday - use a doodle to design a quilt.  I've seen some that have the curves in them.  I have instructions on how to... just not the courage, I guess.  I've decided the quilt du jour is going as a Project Linus quilt or two.  I'm not enjoying the making of it for the previous purpose.  I enjoy the making more if it's for charity.  Quilts tend to turn out better when they're going to be for a charitable cause.  The previous purpose can be better accomplished by come purchased item - shopping time and effort only. 
Well, I guess I'll get back to it.  I had a really clever post made up earlier, but had to edit and finally delete it cause I couldn't get the text to stop wrapping around the "picture".  It didn't show up in the input section... only once I published it.  (Hope it works out this time.)
Promise to get some cards on here soon.  Maybe a tutorial or something.  Anything you'd like to see?
Love you,

Thursday, August 26, 2010


It only took me (so) many years to figure this out... it may have been obvious to many of you, but I had to figure it out the hard way.  I've been having to jump up from the sewing area and check the previously sewn and ironed seam allowances to see which way they went... Now

I put a paper arrow on my row to show which way the seam allowances were pressed on that line, and won't have to check back.  Genius, right?  How could something so simple elude me all these years?  Anyway, that is it for today!
Love to you all,

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There's a new fabric store in town!

Hello Friends,
Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I really appreciate all my followers, and your comments - please leave more.
While driving in Folsom, a small town near us, we discovered a new fabric store has opened up. Hurray!!!(Folsom has a wonderful quilt guild so it always seemed odd that they didn't have more fabric stores.) It is Sew Fun at 150 Natoma Station Dr. Ste. 200. That's a street just off of Folsom Blvd. Lyon's Real Estate is the biggest place in this small shopping mall. If you need directions, call them at (916) 353-2700. The two ladies there are really helpful and very nice. I got 3 pieces and could have bought 10 others... they have really nice choices. Here's what I bought.

The scan does not do justice to the coloring.  The two on the right come in alot of other colors, and it was agony to settle for these only.  I will be shopping there again! 
Got all the squares for the current quilt done... sewing them together today, (and probably for the next week).  Wish I could show it off, but that'll have to wait for a few weeks.
Over and out - for today.  Keep cool!
Love ya,

Monday, August 23, 2010

What a day!

Sunday was filled with "Old Folks Fun" as I call it.  We went out for lunch (Wendy's dollar menu and senior drinks) and as we drove through Folsom, we went slowly past a grove of eucalyptus.  That's it! That's the fun stuff.  We love the scent it puts in the car for a few minutes.  We open all the windows and turn on the A/C and breathe deeply.  You young un's don't know what fun this is.
Oh, and then later on the way home we drove past the local park - soccer fields and a vast field of natural grasses, vernal pools (now long dried up) and studded with ancient Valley Oaks.  He says - all excitedly - "there's a fox".  Well, we had to double back because I did not see a fox... Turns out he didn't either.  It was a coyote.  Quite a tame fellow, too, cause he didn't run when I rolled the window down and had a little conversation with him.  It's quite unusual to see one this near to a road, especially in a residential area, but then it was quite near the river and the wilds surrounding.  We have seen them before, but always from a distance... get out the binoculars kind of distance.  This one wasn't 30 feet from us!  (Once, down on the river walk, we saw a baby coyote.  So cute.  And  Hobby  has seen a mountain lion when he went for walks along the river walk alone. That scares me.  For a while we called him "lion chow", mostly to impress on him how dangerous walking by himself really is. 
He's had quite a few "Indian" names.  The first was "Hunts with Tissue" because of the spider killings... and since his sister, Wonderful Woman, took up the naming practice there have been a whole series of funny names for him.  She named me Woman of Courage or WOC, but we won't tell why.
Well, for you youth, there is a glimpse into the world of fun-to-come.  Enjoy all that other stuff while you can.
No pictures today... gotta get to the laundry and the current quilt - more old folks fun.
Love to all you followers,

Saturday, August 21, 2010

over 200!

Hi again,
So we were sitting on the back patio and enjoying a day that didn't even get to 80!!!! in August??? unheard of!  Anyway he starts to count up the Halloween plants... Just counting ones that actually have green shoots (not the ones where a seed was planted and has not yet germinated) there are over 200 - if you count the ones in the house, too.  We usually get close to 200 trick or treaters, so I should be done.  Oh dear... that is just too final.  I have lots of plants I want to make cuttings of yet, and decided I now know why the cherries, etc aren't germinating, so I've hatched a plan to put a few into the refrig for a few days to see if that'll help.  Picked some day lily seeds today, and planted them into yogurt cups.  I tell you it's alot of work, and I love it!  How can I stop now?  I guess I'm one of those obsessive personalities.
We had lunch at Costco and then shopped.  Got a few of those lids from boxes that will be really nice for the little plants to be conveyed to the garage.
Here is a bit from the past - one of my UFOs.  It is almost sewn together, but not in this picture.  It is only 8+years old.  9 patches in orange, yellow and red.  That'd wake you up, wouldn't it?  Again I'm having trouble getting it to go extra large.  Do you see a blue shadow around the picture?  I think that is where the image should be.

So that's all today.  Have a great weekend.  :~)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pocket ID

Hi Friends,
Today I have scanned a picture of the pocket I put on the back of Granddaughter II's quilt.  It's paper pieced and I use the pocket to house the birthday card, and to be the label on the quilt.   Here's the pic.

I don't know what caused this long break, something to do with the photo and wanting it to be extra large.  Maybe it will rectify itself once published???
 I'm catching a whiff of rosemary on myself.  I've just been out in the garden/patio putting my neighbor's name on a pink rosebush.  Last week or so I told her hubby that I had a rose with her name on it, and had to make sure it did.  Anyway, any time you brush against rosemary she scents you.  I picked beans before lunch.  We got some for supper and to freeze and to give away with the rosebush.  Carrots are doing okay, and there are more tomatoes - still green - and one of my peppers is turning red!!!!!!!!!!  Transplanted a 2" tangerine for S & E, today.  Gotta transplant a bunch of other Halloween plants.  They are getting root bound in those yogurt containers. My little ones are growing up.  Sniff.  Soon they will be off to find their own way in the world.  Hurray!
    Found another quote I like:
"When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us."    ~   Helen Keller
This one is so true in my life.  I've been looking at a closed door for over 44 years!  About time to turn around and see the beauty in this other doorway.
   Well, I'm off (really - off my rocker, literally) to work on the latest quilt.  Gotta go cut some more fabric...
Cut, Sew, Quilt!
Lotsa love,

Monday, August 16, 2010

Adding an element...

The quantity of civilization is measured by the quality of imagination.

Victor Hugo, Les Miserables
I have always liked quotes, and for this first addition of a quote to my blog, I chose one of my favorite storytellers.  There are alot of well known quotes about imagination. (I'm thinking especially of the Albert Einstein phrase: "Imagination is better than knowledge.")  It is a quality that is not taught, neigh, even encouraged by schools or parents, for the most part.  I say spend a few minutes every day to imagine a better world. 
And here is my quilty picture of the day - scanned from a photo (I'm an expert now), a bit blurry... sorry. (Can you guess what the green blob is?  Why, you are right!  It is me!)  It is the first quilt I made from the snowball pattern I found in a magazine.  I've made 6 more since, and others that were mixed with other blocks.  This one went to Project Linus, too. 
Love to all my followers... you know who you are!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two for one!

Hi Fans!
Well, the Hobby came home for lunch and "fixed" the camera... So hopefully here are the promised pictures.
This is the modified 9-patch currently up on the design wall. See the alternating block with only one
smaller square of color?  That will create a secondary design once the blocks are all sewn together.  (Notice my Grandma's pin cushion hanging on the wall.  It is so convenient right there.)

The rest of the pictures are just some of the little plants earmarked for trick or treaters.... There are some trees started from seed - catalpa and one acacia - there is spearmint, wisteria from seed, mother-in-laws tongue, Christmas cactus, friendly cactus, and these aren't even the ones that inhabit my window sills!

Part of the project is to reuse and recycle containers to use as pots.  (The kids last year were impressed that they could identify where the containers came from.  A good lesson to learn, I'd say.) Some of the containers are from yogurt and for the ones outgrowing those "pots" there are 2 liter soda bottles with the tops cut off. They work great for the larger plants like trees or vines.

Some seeds are not working... I'd say I have as much success as failure.  If the seeds don't work in a month or so I use the pot for some cutting.  At the front of the table here you can see Mimosa trees that were growing (as weeds) in my veggie garden.  I just plucked them out and planted them into a yogurt container.  There are very few plants in my yard that I haven't yet tried to get a cutting off of.  Honeysuckle works great!  If you look closely at one of these pictures you will find a soda bottle with a palm tree that was growing right next to the garage.

Okay, you'll have to tilt your head... don't laugh... I can't figure out how to turn this one.  You can see some of the larger plants here.  I have 2 roses left over from last year and some devil's claw.  Near the right about half way back is one of the California Buckeye.  I picked seeds in the woods and started them in pots.  I don't think anyone has one in their yards because they go dormant in July... Just a mass of interesting sticks until March or so.  It is a tree with the shortest growing season I have ever come across.  I'm going to suggest that the kids plant them into the walkway near us... they can watch it's progress there.

 Last picture today.  Behind my couch are plants!   Doesn't everybody grow plants in their living rooms? These are in a "tray" (box lid from Costco).  Some plants just can't handle the extra light outside.  There are a couple of hoya and a couple of hoya leaves... see if they will root.  It is all experimentation. All the friendly cactus - they turn bright yellow and then rot if left outside - are inside, and all the MIL tongues.  If I knew how to edit the photos I take out the dust catching walking machine next to the plants.  I like plants - not exercise.
    So thanks to Mr. QuiltNCards you have some pictures today.  I'll try the window sill ones tomorrow.
    Let me know what you think... I'd love to get some comments!  Until tomorrow.

I missed you yesterday!

Hi Follower Friends,
    I did miss you yesterday, but I got alot done on the current quilt and I did get pictures, but somehow our camera made the pics into movies!!!!!!!!!!!  Is nothing simple in this world anymore?  I remember my first camera... no multipage manual to work it.  Put a bulb in the socket, film in the insides, and point and click.  Done!  It made good pictures and there was  nothing frustrating about it.  Now in order to show you the little plants and the quilt I have to go read up how to use the camera and how to delete the movies, or learn how to make movies (for things not moving) to put on the blog.   I think that will be another day.  I have quilt making to do. I still understand how my sewing machine works!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Quirky Life

Hi friends,
Here's a short story about life.
       Sunday we went to Costco for lunch... m-m-m pizza. The man orders while I scavenge for a place to sit.  I find a spot - Hurray!  I'm sitting next to a big bear butt!!!!  No, I did spell bear correctly.  Someone was buying a giant teddy and had it in their cart.  We spent lunch trying out different ways of addressing this in the blog.
      Then today there's an article in the paper about dorm life these days.  When I went to college I stayed in a dorm of only girls. The other dorm was only boys and never the twain would meet.  We had a 10 pm curfew on weekday nights and 12 midnight on  Friday and Saturday... (I'm sure no one in college ever heard of a curfew these days.) Now the article says that in the "dark ages" (yes this is the exact phrase used) there were boys and girls on the same floors, but in different rooms and that now they are allowed to cohabitate in the same rooms!!!!  There are two things wrong with that.  1) That puts me before the dark ages - stop laughing!!!!  and 2) That's just not fair!  (See how I have suffered!)
       Tomorrow I promise to try to show pictures of the Halloween plants.  I transplanted the two tangerines today, and took some cuttings of my evergreens to try... see if they will root.  Lots of this is experimentation.  I'm a mad scientist.
Tune in tomorrow.

Monday, August 2, 2010

no pictures today

Hi friends,
I'm still working on that learning curve, so since it is laundry day I decided to take it easy on myself and just refer you to a really neato site I read this morning.  Actually it was more like a video - okay, it is a video - on
(Sorry I couldn't figure out how to make that interactive... it must be a bell curve and I'm at the left side!) The video whereof I speak is near the bottom of the page - lots of great photography and a very interesting presentation... I think Ashleigh will really enjoy it.  If you don't go today it may turn out to be on the farmer's wife's second page.  I like her blog... even though it is mostly words.  She just has a way of turning a phrase. 
    So until tomorrow - when maybe I'll figure out how to scan in some of my older photos.
See ya, wish I was with you!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grandniece Wedding Quilt

This is my most recent finish.  I made this quilt to look somewhat like my grandniece's wedding invitation.  It was all light blue with an assortment of white butterflies.  I made the bflies all the same, but I quilted them to look different.  I'm glad the photo doesn't show how bulgy it turned out.  I'm so sorry I just am not that good at quilting with my sewing machine.  Gotta have more practice, or send them out to get the treatment.  Anyway, this is how I look when I don't think the camera will take a picture that far down.  And that is my very excellent design wall that my hobby (okay that should be a "u" instead, but it's a more fun spelling this way) made the wall for a Christmas gift 4 or 5 years ago.  It's the gift that keeps on giving.  I've use this gift more than any other, I'd guess. He used foam core and nailed it to the biggest wall in my sewing room. I use pins to attach pieces. I'd like to show you what is on the wall now, but it's top secret... and I'd best get back to it, too.  I don't have that long to finish.  Deadlines!
Did you notice I made some more improvements to the look of this place. Come on back to see what's next.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

posting practice

Hi again,
So I have garnered one very excellent follower already!  I love you Mom4! 

Today gardening!  Made some more little plants for Halloween.  (For those of you who are new to my blog, and that would be all of you, I love Halloween.  We dress up, usually as some Harry Potter characters, and decorate our garage entry and dispense candy from the driveway.  The local kids love that we "participate".  Last year we decorated like it was Professor Sprout and  Greenhouse 3 at Hogwarts.  We had plants that I  made up from clippings taken from our plants and avocado plants I'd started from pits to give out from the greenhouse.  The kids were very enthusiastic and even asked questions!  We do give out candy, too.) Anyway, today I made up 3 geraniums and 6 or 7 rosemary plants in yogurt containers.
    Our #1 son was here to help with yard work while his soon to be Mrs. was out shopping with her Mom to find a dress for the wedding.  We found out that our #2 son and his family will be coming for the wedding on Sept. 18th.  We are very excited!  We haven't seen them in a dozen years or so.  Our grandson from Florida is coming, and my Sis and her Hubby from SD will be here too.  Can't wait.
     Now I don't know if I'll be able to include a photo today.  I want to, but things I want don't happen that often.  I'm going to try to show off another of my previously made quilts.  We'll see...  But either way come back and check on my progress.

I did it!  (Don''t ask me how.) This is one of my "I Spy" quilts for Project Linus.

Friday, July 30, 2010

First Post, Yah!

Hello friends! 
Here I am at last, a new blogger!  I've been wanting to do this for a long time and just needed a little boost (technology wise) from a friend.  Thanks Sarah!  Sarah is my new DIL2b.  She has a blog at ... well, I'm too new at this to give you the address.  Give me a couple of days and I'll get that for you.

If this all works out, I will be showing cards I make and quilts I sew.  Sometimes I sew little quilts for cards, too.  The picture that I hope goes with this post was a piece of fabric that I quilted up for Project Linus to give to the Haitians after the earthquake.  Okay, I hear some of you wondering why  a kid from Haiti would want a quilt... it isn't cold there.  No, but after the quake they had to live outside, and a quilt could be comfy to sit on, or to use as a shade maker. I hope someone is loving it.  (Okay, the picture is at the bottom of the page.  I hope you can see it.)

So that is that for this post.  Hope it all goes according to plan.  Come on back and see what I've learned so far!