Thursday, September 5, 2013

Woodpecker, Inlaws, and New Robe

We know they are woodpeckers but what kind is anybody's guess. This is Mister. Mrs. comes around, too, but she does not have the red spot on the back of the neck. They could be Downy, Nuttall's or Ladder-backed... They like the suet block we put at the end. (Beyond you can see my Japanese Maple we bought it at about 3" tall for $1.49 at a plant sale. It must be about 12' now... and it's the third year it's getting seeds... I haven't figured out when to harvest and plant, so no babies to give at Halloween.

 We had lunch with Hubby's Sister and her Hubby yesterday at In N Out. It just amazes me that we were there for almost 4 hours...seems like 30 minutes. Love you guys!
And this is the latest sewing project... You will see why.

That's a shirt below the hole, so please, don't be offended.  There are other holes, too. See the "new" tie I made from quilting fabric several years ago.

Here is where I already mended it with quilting fabric.... The fabric is just falling apart, and really a waste of time to mend anymore. I don't know how long he's had this thing, but it's a goner soon.
Sew I must get back to the pattern cutting.  The pattern is from the 70s, when I made him a striped corduroy robe kind of like the picture. Oh, I forgot to take a picture of the pattern....
Here it is...(that was quick, huh).
Isn't this the 70s, for sure?
He'll model it for you when I get it done... he's a big ham and loves that his image will be there for all posterity or is that posterior? LOL Anyway, sew and tell soon.