Monday, July 15, 2013

Now There Are Three

New = Common Blue - I use a sparkly blue for the main part of the wings to simulate iridescence.

I consider myself at least an intermediate paper piecer, but I had a lot of trouble with this block... It is not the fault of the pattern. It is a relatively easy pattern, but I must have had my mind on other stuff. I'm glad to see that you cannot see where I sewed on the edging along the wings using both sides of the light blue. Once I noticed, I did like the effect, so I left it. I tried out every mistake you can make on this little insect.  You are not going to believe...  

Here's a solo.

Sorry this is out of focus, but it doesn't matter cause it's a picture of nothing... I put it here to remind me that I actually had to rip out about 10 seams on this one. Several times I sewed out of sequence. (It doesn't matter if its a piece that doesn't touch the next or previous numbered piece, but that was not the case.) I put #1 on then sewed #7, #6 and #5 before I realized what I'd done. Can  you believe it? Even a Kindergartner would know better.  Several removals were because I had inadvertently flipped over some of the fabric before sewing. (That will happen sometimes as you shove the pattern and fabric under the needle to start the seam. I usually run the seam ripper under to make sure that doesn't happen, but I guess I was particularly arrogant yesterday and didn't follow good practices.) Another kind of mistake I made: Not enough seam allowance, and I mean just threads... gotta pick that out and start over. Oh, and the worst mistake... I used the wrong side of the fabric on the #1 spot - in this case not acceptable. I had  to remove 3 pieces once I found the error. (How many words are there to describe  "mistake"?)
Anyway, I'm working on the Peacock Butterfly now. Oh, what a beauty - at least one fabric from every bin... red, 2 blues, yellow, pink, black, 2 browns, and a green for the background. (Something from every bin except the multicolor bin.) It'll take a while - lots of pieces!!!!!! and of course, there will be mistakes and ripping.
Have a lovely week of sewing!