Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Purple for April

Our esteemed leader, Angela of soscrappy has announced the new color for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (see the button on the right) is purple... So I did my homework to figure out what colors to use.  Here are my results from the Crayola box of 64.

I hope you can read the names of the colors... my hand is really shaky, so the names were written by my hubby.  You notice the colors of the wrappers on the crayons reflect which family of colors each crayon belongs to. I just noticed that last night. I noticed it mostly because two of the colors I think of as purples have red labels. Red Violet, well Dah, I guess that could be considered a red... but it's so purple in my mind. Then Lavender... well that is just a purple color, but it too has a red wrapper. (Somebody at the factory messed up?)

I love the one called Purple Mountains Majesty. I colored it on both top wings in the picture below.

 (The patterns above are the ones I'm using for my butterflies. It's a 2005 MH Designs pattern. I don't remember where I got it - sorry.)
 On the crayon wrapper this one above is Violet (Purple). I guess that is the definitive purple... very pretty.

Purple has more colors than the other crayon families.

I've pulled some scraps, but haven't started the sewing yet.  Maybe this afternoon.

So now we are all on the same page, purple wise.... anything goes!