Monday, April 15, 2013

Still no quilting....

I thought some Springy pictures might give you white blanketed folks some HOPE.

Joseph Coat roses in our front garden.

 CA poppies in a neighbor's side yard.
Above and below - Lupine in a vacant lot in the "Industrial Park" in Folsom, CA.

I call this one "Green Grass with a Goose".

Some pink flowering bushes near the highway. 

And this is a tulip tree... See if you can find the tulips. Hint: they are yellow and light green with orange centers.
So again, no sew. I just hope these Spring flowers will give you some color in your all white environs.

Bet you thought I was quilting...

Had  to get the hubs to add to my design wall today, so maybe I could get the latest quilt up there and baste it. Fuddled all week trying to get it up right. (Some of the blame goes to time spent on Facebook and blog reading.)

Here's a photo of the addition... gotta get it up higher.

Here's a current picture of my magnolia (from seed) started last year. And below is a close up of the new leaves this year.... They are an evergreen so only drop a leaf or two once in a while. (That's the best kind of tree to offer to the Trick or Treaters or else I offer sticks... some trees drop their leaves just before Halloween, so there are only sticks to show for all my hard work.)

Isn't that a beautiful thing? Some day it may have those lovely (huge) white yummy scented flowers.

Here's the ones I planted early in winter... just after Christmas, I think. One on the right has been up for a week or so... the other two are a surprise today. Go babies! Mama wants to offer you for Halloween this year.

And this fine youngster is the last of the cork oaks that I planted just after Halloween last year. Usually I don't do so good on the percentages. Planted 11 Elm and I have one, only ONE! and I feel  lucky to have that one. The cork oaks are at a whopping 100%... all the seeds I planted germinated! It's an evergreen, too. So there will be 7 of 7 to offer up this year, complete with leaves.
So no sew, but grow baby, grow!