Wednesday, August 8, 2018

On Assignment for my Sister

Bet you thought I fell in the well...LOL
Well, I'm back. 

My sis took me to lunch yesterday and we laughed like crazy - you gotta laugh about some things or you'd cry... we are old enough to know this bit of wisdom. When she got home she asked about a piece of fabric she thought she might have given to me.   I looked, Kid, but I didn't find it..  This is the closest I came, and  it is only about a fat  quarter in size.

But I thank you for giving me the reason to fondle my two boxes of multicolored fabrics - I found so many beautiful pieces that I haven't used yet. Besides fabric there was a good fabric scissors and another rotary cutter I couldn't find.  Here are some pictures.

Some  of the witches I made for Halloween cards years ago.

My special pull of fabrics for Harry Potter blocks.  I haven't made any lately, but I think I'll get back into that. There are lots of new patterns I haven't tried yet.  The 5 or 6 on the right are for Hagrid's Hut, and the yellow dotted ones in the center are saved for Butter beer. The rest just look magical to me.  So happy to have found these.

Above and below are fabrics purchased for clothing, as yet not used.

Another piece for a blouse (now that is an old fashioned word) or top. Fairies and butterflies!
Below my favorite pin cushion that never had a pin in it.

So I'm hoping this cures my quilter's block. I found lots of fabric that needs using, and it sure cheered me right up. 

Love to you all and especially you, Barb.  (I think you just tricked me into fondling all that fabric. Thank you again.)