Monday, June 30, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I have a new Design Wall.
You remember that I'm trying to sell my house, and the design wall my hubby made was foam core nailed - with huge nails - to the wall. Well, that come down this week and the holes were patched and the whole thing painted... by my hubby, seen here hamming it up.

He did a wonderful job, you can't see the nail holes even when you know where they were!
I'd buy this house!

But, please don't think I have no place to design... (Oops! double negative...)

Foam core leaning with some Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks from several years back.
I've shown them before...
Some patterns for the next paper piecing project. I'm making potholders for some of my peeps.
Above is a new "I love you" hand in the works.
Oh, and this occurred this week. A hole. I picked the flowers for a backing on a H2H quilt, and had to add some extra fabric... did not notice that there was a big dip cut out of the middle edge of the flower fabric. Noticed that while sewing together. What to do?
See the hole is quite big.
To the rescue.... a little paper pieced apple core, fray checked and zig zag stitch and now it's a whole.
 All for the backing to this....
 This is the quilt with the apple core on the back. I pin basted on my dining room table. It was easier on my back than putting it up on the design wall (now nonexistent) and stitching the basting. Since then I've done some straight line stitch in the ditch, but I don't like it... Gotta do the yellow with yellow, and redo the blue, too. So there is some ripping out in my future. You know I'm putting that off.
Sew that's what I'm up to... How about you? What project occupies your mind this week? Our neighborhood has a parade of school kids on the 4th...
Oh, and Shay (in Australia) of  Quilting in my Pyjamas and I are having a giveaway and showing off our ineptness at FMQ on posts from Thursday through the Fourth... You will want to come back and see that.
Sew Hugs to you all - especially if you got this far down in the reading.

Friday, June 27, 2014

You've gotta see this....

Go to see Janeen's blog - do yourself a favor. Especially if you paper piece. She is showing a bee eater bird that is amazing! Of course, she has other patterns that are amazing... you can see those, too.

Have a quilty weekend,

Monday, June 23, 2014

I'm BAAAaaack...

We've been to the Grandgirl's Wedding and lived to tell the tale.  I even DANCED at my Granddaughter's wedding. (Not much of a dance, but we were on the dance floor and moving. That qualifies. Lots of other - younger people - didn't.)

Her "Little" Brother and younger Sister and Dad (my favorite SIL) on this side - his family on the far side. They had a special table with Chrissy's pictures with the bride as a baby and a sign saying that they knew she would have been there if she could be.... I think she was.


That wasn't the only party we got in on either... We attended the High School Graduation Party of the bride's next Sister, too. Here she is in her party dress. Isn't she gorgeous! I got to visit with her quite a while... learned she's going to college  Wants to study the CSI sciences. (I'm so impressed, and proud.) You don't know the trouble she went through to get herself graduated. A fine accomplishment.

 We are Party Animals! We took the kids out to eat a couple of times - so much fun.  And the couple went with us shopping - bless her soul she thinks I can fit into Misses! She gave me permission to wear my pedal pushers and the lacy top I brought along to wear for a possible practice party to the wedding. I even wore makeup and earrings. (That hasn't happened in a long time.)

So we were in Vancouver, WA and surrounds. Shopped for houses there for a couple of days (Hoping to move there when our house sells.) and then FABRIC.... of course.

From Fabric Depot (Portland OR) - all except one of the 14 are batiks. They were on sale 30% off. All are 1/2 yard cuts, except the 7th one (folded differently). It was near the end of the bolt, so I got 1 & 1/8th yards plus 3 inches. (The cutting lady didn't like fractions so she just threw that bit in for free.... you gotta love a place like that. (Farther down is another picture - shows more detail.)

 And from the Craft Warehouse in Vancouver I got these fat quarters, also on sale. The browner one I loved - what's wrong with me? It's butterfly wings in off white, tans, brown and gold. See below for a close-up.
 I'm thinking bento boxes with the wings surrounded by different darker browns. (I'm aghast that I'm even thinking about it.) Brown?  (I must remind you that I am pretty heavily medicated. That's my defense here.)
Here's the batiks back again. While we were there I worked on some paper pieced housewarming gifts using that red in the front... I'll show you that at a later date.  Meanwhile it's laundry already, and the H2H charity quilting started right after this.

So I hope you had a quilty week while I was gone. I look forward to reading all your blogs, but first the quilting.... June 1 was the deadline, and I'm sorry I missed that big time.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

And we are Finished!

Here's the final pictures of the Grandgirl's Wedding Quilt.

I used clips to sew down the binding on the front.  Worked wonderfully!  (A tip: fold the mitered corner in from the unsewn side. That way you have a smooth sew down in the corner. First corner was difficult, until I figured it out.)  If I finished more often maybe I'd remember these things... as is I have to learn new things every time.

Here's the label with the "I love you" symbols... Mine has a green thumb, and his...

has a purple thumb. (He's quite accident prone.)

Our on the back lawn

 one this way, one that way.

Some close ups... Did you see the latest Quilter's Newsletter Magazine on sale now?
 "5 new and fresh patterns" (apparently on the DVD).  It isn't my quilt, but a twin, for sure.
 Go check it out. See what you think.
So that's that. It'll be carry on luggage tomorrow, but I'm not publishing this until she sees the quilt, so it'll be confusing as to when. Today is the 17th, and the funny thing is that she is being married right now... as I finished up the quilt. (Her religion has a special ceremony at the Temple called Sealing. We weren't invited for that.) Talk about 11th hour. I hope I learned to whip my ponies and keep on keeping on to finish things. I'm tired of that 11 hour thing.
Taking along a little paper piecing to work while I'm there. (Yes, you can hand sew them.)  I want to make some pot holders - again with some visual puns.
Have a wonderful week - without me. (Sniff)  I'll try to catch up when I get back.

Monday, June 16, 2014

New appliances and binding on half way, Hurray!

You know the story - the house cleaners tried to burn down my house... (details here)  The owner of the professional house cleaner company tried to renege.  What a jerk!  Our insurance company paid, and has a legal way of getting his insurance to pay them back. He won't like it, but that's how it's going to go. And here is the new range and oven. I used the oven twice now, and it's working nicely. The range gets used everyday and works fine.  So someone who buys my house will get  a nice new set. (God can use evil for good... one of the Bible verses I've been able to remember over the years.)

Oven has buttons - I'm used to knobs, so there is a learning curve. I'm still reading the volumes of paper. They had to build in the hole a bit, so there is some painting to do yet. "It'll get done" he says.


Binding is on - half way. I sewed it onto the back side, and will machine it onto the front. I've done that once before, and it works really well with the walking foot attached. (Those are straight diagonal lines with a wavy diagonal between them... the quilting. I'm going to practice some free motion on the charity quilts that are waiting for quilting. See how that works. I'd really like to be able to stipple. We all have goals in life, don't we.)
So a Happy Monday to you all. Hope this finds you on vacation!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Working on the label, and binding

Got the picture pun part of the label done... I'll show that off once Grandgirl has seen the quilt. That's really the only part that is going to be a surprise to her. (I'm so pleased and happy to say that she follows and actually reads my Blog!!! Who woulda thunk it?)

Here are some shots of the mistook I made...

 While quilting, I ran off the end of the backing - it was hard to center when you can't even stand up straight. Anywho, I fixed the problem in the next picture and continued to quilt. (That is the very excellent metal box that came with tea from another Grandgirl, Emmy. I like to call her Emmy because I think she will earn one someday. I'm her Grammy - not going to happen for me.)
Only a quilter will know a problem was fixed here.

This is the binding made and ready to sew on.  Teal or aqua (what is the difference between the two? I need to get a big box of crayons - MMMMM - that new crayon smell.) with gold flecks.

This is the pile of fabrics I used on the two paper pieced pun parts of the label.
Oh, and the MRI said I had a cyst rubbing on a nerve coming out of my lower back. That little bit of stuff has been causing all this pain. Amazing. I go to the Back Doctors a couple of days after we get back from the wedding.... Looking forward to that.
So Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there.
Thinking of and remembering mine.
And Happy Sunday to all the rest of you.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Bought the backing and other purchases

It's gorgeous - looks a bit like a brocade wedding dress. Notice it's Fairy Frost... a tiny bit of a shimmer.

 This is the "right" side - later in the day, so the white is taking on a bit of gold color from the lamp light.
 Then I saw this, and couldn't leave the store without some - one yard is all.

This is the pedigree on this one.

I'm going to try this. I want this quilt to be all it can be. I'll report back.

And on the way out I bought a yummy fat quarter. (Medicinal use only.)
So I had a great time at the LQS - Meisner's. They are taking in vacuum cleaners to sell... the fabric section is smaller. Bad sign.  Good thing I shopped there. We all need to keep our LQSs in business.
I've got it washed, ironed dry, sewn together and ready to sandwich and baste. Now where did the Helper Hubby go?
Have a great weekend. (I'm quilting!)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

And this is ....

A design wall at rest...

So the D4P is a flimsy at last! (ARB, that means the top is done.) Shopping for the backing tomorrow. Hubby doesn't like the fabric that I chose for the backing. . . and I have to admit that it's too dark to go with the white of the flimsy. I have experience with backings showing through white bunnies, and I had to remake the quilt. We'll be looking for a light color. Anybody have any quilting ideas? I only have a walking foot, so straight lines.  Think I'll go make the label. I have a paper pieced idea.
Have a wonderful quilty weekend.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Bottom rows are made. Top (of the picture) are still single blocks.

Middle row pinned off the wall and ready to sew together.
Making good progress, and kind of on schedule. Baby steps...
Happy (Design Wall) Monday!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Last block made

I know my Granddaughter isn't partial to red, but this one just had to be added to this wedding quilt.

Happy Sunday Everyone!