Thursday, August 8, 2019

Some more of the new butterflies

I arranged some on the ironing board, but they wouldn't all fit.  Tried a new batch of fabrics from my stash. found my Fairy Frost fabrics... there is a green (Fairy Frost) winged one in this first picture with a red body and white background.

See the bird fabric here on the bottom of the above picture. I bought it for making birds... I have a box in my stash for fabrics that look like birds to me.  And the blue with lime green in it is left over from last year's H2H quilt. I paired it with oranges then  - looks good with an orange body and lime background.

I haven't squared them up yet... but you knew that.

Orange Fairy Frost body with  green speckled wings and yellow background. I bought a bunch of Fairy Frost for making birds from a gift certificate I got for Christmas one year from Sheila of  Sew Cook and Travel. Thanks again Sheila.

Some of my favorite fabrics are here in this batch.  I really love this orange with purple accents that is second to the last in the picture above (green body and dark purple background).  Top right in this picture is some Fairy Frost blue... You have to cut into it as some point - if you don't, your inheritor will get to use it. I really don't know who that might be.

Nothing else is going on here. I am suffering another bout of trouble with my sciatica, brought on when I blew out my right knee... climbing the stairs!  Who says exercise is good for you?

I have a few more I'll share when I have more done...

Happy Hump Day to you all,