Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Grandboy and Fall plants

Hello again....
Saturday we traveled a couple hundred miles to have lunch an play with our newest Grandguy who is just over a year old.

He loves his Hobby Cow - especially when it's powered by Daddy.

 Couldn't you just eat him up?  So handsome.

This is the "little" Japanese Maple that we bought for $1.49 and it was about 5" tall. After about 12 years it's probably 12' tall.

 These are some of our bag dwellers. Goldfinches love these Niger seeds...

But they wouldn't stand for my camera at the window, so we had to trick them.

We tried really hard to get you some good pictures of the white Christmas cactus blooming.  3 flowers this year (one is on the other side).

Fabric comes in handy for many uses.  (This plant  is very dear to me. My daughter gave me a cutting of hers - a gift from her hubby.  She killed hers and I made her another, when that one died, I made her a second one. So this one is still not very big, but it makes angel-like blooms, don't you think so?)

I have made a few more  hexie red, white and blue blocks, but they aren't on the wall at the moment. Come back next time and I promise some quilty pictures.