Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A joke on me...

This week we are cleaning inside and out - relatives coming to visit!
So I always start by picking up - all kinds of piles of stuff are laying around. I started in the  computer room because I'm still blogging and reading blogs and that's where there was a huge pile of recipes, quilt patterns, designs I thunk up and sayings I want to use in cards, and hubby notes (indecipherable)... So this is a picture of one of the piles - there were 5 after I went through them and took them off to different places.

Top of the pile here... "A beautiful thing is never perfect. an Egyptian proverb". (It allows my quilts to exist.  Okay, remember that this is 1 of 5 piles... 
Bottom of the pile dates back to Oct of last year!!!!!!!!! and this was the last thing at the bottom!!!!!!

It's one of those disposable dust rags!!!!!  LOL
(pause for giggles)
On another note: Hhhhmmmmm (key of C)
This is a bit of punch embroidery I did in the 70s. No, not in 70 degree weather, but in the 1970s. (a decade in the last millennium) Some of you gals aren't even that old!  Anyway, it is on denim and a simple design. The stitches need to be quite close together to show a line within the other stitches. See the back of it in the next pic.
I was so proud of myself, that I was able to wade into the sewing room and find something from 40 some years ago.  (Now you know why I have so much stuff. I save it. I really don't want it to go into the landfill, if it can be helped. That's me, I'm green!)
So I'm off to dust, sweep spiders out of their homes, scrub, etc... Yuck! 
Wish me well... I might not make it through all that.