Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Now I can show you the carrots I learned to make from reading blogs, and made some innovations to them. But first the picture! (Added later: the link for the pattern is
without my innovation.)

(Each has 3 different colored "leaves" on top. But that''s not the innovative part.)

Mine are lumpy - just like the ones I grow in my garden. These are filled with Jelly Bellies (tiny jelly beans) and foil wrapped chocolate eggs - thus the lumpiness.  I made them the same way everybody else did, but when making the pattern I put a larger top on the orange parts so I could make a draw string tube. (You can see the orange strings on the ones on the left.) They close up and reopen .  Now they are reusable.  That's the innovation.
(You can probably find them in the archives of  One Pretty Thing.)
Love to you all,