Friday, May 31, 2013

On the Wall and a Tip

Jazzy Snowballs ready to sew. Actually this is from the weekend. I do have the rows all done and about half of them sewn together, too. But this is the picture of the arrangement. 

(shown sideways - left bottom is left top, and needs to be turned right sides out... Hubby helped.)

Sorry about the resolution on this photo, but it just shows that I pin a seam for each block in a row and then take the row to the sewing machine. (Last week someone I follow used the stacking method to get things off the wall, and that would drive me crazy.) Until I figured out to pin them in place - just roughly - I got into all kinds of trouble stacking. Once I get to the machine I take out the pin and align the pieces so they are matching and right sides together... then I know where to sew.
Shows my pinned row almost off the wall. (The second last row.)
Sew I hope you have a wonderful weekend (sewing).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Half of the Jazzy Snowballs

So half are cut to size and hanging on the design wall. This arrangement will change as I finish up the cutting, but I am liking it so far.

Notice a new button on the side bar?  Friday the party starts. I'm going to show off my apple core quilt for the party.  If you love paper piecing too, you might like to join in. Try the button - see if it works. Let me know if it doesn't.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ingredients assembled for next H2H

Some recently done, some leftovers from a Snowball quilt for Project Linus years ago. Next cutting to size 5" blocks will be set solid.
This is my favorite block to make. 5" jazzy print, 1 1/2" squares of black or white for the corners. Sew on the diagonal (reminds me of Diagon Alley) cut off the excess and press out. 90 of each ready for the design wall (after cutting to the right size).
Gonna get the hubby to help me put them up on the design wall. One white then blacks next to that. It's from a design in QuiltMaker about 10 years ago.
Showing off on the linky at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. See you there!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

9th Hexie and all

I've decided on a dolly quilt for the Mrs. Claus Charity - see the side bar. I think it's 12" X 15" but I'll have to look that up. I might try to fold the sides to the back of the quilt as part of the backing. I get these hair brained ideas sometimes. Has anybody ever done something like that?
Saw a blog today offering a Paper Piecing Party... I am sew in for that!  It's at Quiet Play if you are interested. I've been feeling the need to PP.
Sew have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

7 hexies

These are it for today. I've got some prep work done this afternoon, so there should be enough for the 8th grand, and to decorate my pink shirt.  What do you think? A brag shirt, or a dolly quilt? I am enjoying the colors and the technique... maybe both?  (Can you tell I turned the photo on its side?)

Happy Wednesday!  I'm linking up to A Creative Princess - see you there.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Design Wall Monday - Hexies

Setting them together makes it easier to continue.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Me too, I finished a 3rd!

It's not really a competition, but Sophie and I are both making hexie based projects, and we are both on our 3rd unit. She is making stars and I am making flowers for Grandmother's Flower Garden...(I am a Grandma, so it's okay.)
Go to her blog (where it says Sophie) to see hers.
Here are my three...
And since she was brave enough to show the backs of hers...

She shared some tips...  I've been pinning my folds first. Seems better that way, and the sides come out more even.  She is using paper, and I am using some heat proof  templates that I bought from JoAnn's. Even though they are quite stiff they pop out easily. (Notice I'm not being very neat about the seam allowances.

And on another note: The Easter Cactus just started blooming.  I like this one I got from a friend in the mid 70s. (Yes girls, I am that old.)
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Evening Project & Easter Cactus Blooms

Hello Dear Friends,
Good to see you.  I always like company! Would you like a cuppa? I'm having Echinacea Complete Care by Celestial Seasonings... one of my favorite teas.

I've started a hand sewing project for the evenings. (Keeping my hands busy while watching TV with the Hubby helps me to stay awake, and I've noticed my hands don't swell so badly if I keep them moving in the evening.) Here are the pictures...

 Yup! It's hexies! One of the quilts on my QBL (Quilting Bucket List) is a Grandmother's Flower Garden. My Grandma made one for each of her grandkids. Mine was a gift at my wedding shower along with another quilt. (I'll show it off one of these days.)  I thought I could make one for my grands, too. This one is pink flowers with yellow centers and greens all around. On the right is the first cutting, and sewing, below the second set.
Here's the first flower done.
I know it takes a long time.  I should have started these when they were babies.  I have 8 grands... I wonder if I can stay interested in this process for 8 quilts. Luckily Mason, #8, is only 8 months old.

 And this is my Easter Cactus - finally it's blooming.  I guess with Easter coming so early it got confused.
Hope all is well at your house. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, May 3, 2013

H2H done!

Here's my latest innovation to my quilting regime... hair clips. Okay, it's not new to lots of you - where do you think I got this idea?  I really don't know from whom I got it, but I know it was from someone that I follow. Thanks for the great tip! They are not only easier to use than pins, but they don't distort the quilt or prick me. Best of all it was a package of 10 or so from the Dollar store!!!! So only ONE DOLLAR!

How did this  plant picture get in here?  It's the flower on my Croton. I've had the plant for 16 years or so, and this is the first time I'm seeing a flower on it. Not much to see, but it is the flower. When I bemoaned the fact that it probably won't make seeds due to no pollinator, Hubby said we should let in a couple of bees. Honestly, I worry about the man.  
Back to the quilt.

 Here are its final pictures.  Sunbathing!
I call it California Earth Tones. Our dirt (in lots of places) is orangy, and the sky is nearly always blue, and there are greens in here, too, for the multitude of trees of all different kinds.
(You know I'm not much for browns and beiges.)
The backing is light blue with stars.
And now a couple of close-ups.

You can see the wobbly line quilting I did through all the centers and then a thinner wobble crosswise through the seams - I won't try that again. It makes the squares look like they are badly seamed.
Live and learn.

I do love the binding I chose. All the edges are blue, so to keep the binding unobtrusive I chose a blue bubble fabric.  I like it, it's fun!
Sew I'm linking up to Confessions of a Fabric Addict. This is what floats my boat, this week.
Happy Weekend to you all!