Saturday, May 18, 2013

9th Hexie and all

I've decided on a dolly quilt for the Mrs. Claus Charity - see the side bar. I think it's 12" X 15" but I'll have to look that up. I might try to fold the sides to the back of the quilt as part of the backing. I get these hair brained ideas sometimes. Has anybody ever done something like that?
Saw a blog today offering a Paper Piecing Party... I am sew in for that!  It's at Quiet Play if you are interested. I've been feeling the need to PP.
Sew have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Sweet hexies, Terri. Love the soft colors. The soft mint greens and soft shades of pinks. Your colors remind me of party mints. Yum.
    The recommended doll quilt size is 14"x 18", but Debbie said they can use smaller or larger doll quilts, too.

  2. Looking very pretty Terri . What a sweet dolls quilt this will make. I've never done the front as part of my backing but I bet someone has . Maybe check on google if you need some tips.

  3. Cute hexies. Why not fold them back and use them as part of the backing? It's your quilt, done your way. As long as you like it, that is what matters. It can be fun and liberating to try something different.

  4. I LOVE hexies. So addicting! lol. I make mine with Inklingo. How are you making yours...EPPing?? Sure are cute!

  5. Looking good! what a sweet idea to donate it, it will make some little girl very happy. I say follow your instincts with the folding over idea...and I can't wait to see it!

  6. very pretty pink flower garden.

  7. I like your idea of folding the hexie to the back instead of cutting it off. Looks so lovely in those soft pink and calm greens.


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