Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Halloween projects

Hello Friends,

Sorry to have been away so long, but I am hot and heavily working on Halloween projects.  This year we are adding a "Candy Tree" to our diorama of the Harry Potter Greenhouse scene.  I have about 100 little plants started and some in the house that haven't been counted up yet. I'm in the middle of making Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean bags for the grands, and they have to be finished, loaded up with goodies and sent in the snail mail in time to get them before the 31st.  I'll show you a glimpse of those still unfinished, and here is the link to the pattern if you'd like....
bertie botts pattern

The lady that organizes the site designs lots of different fan based paper pieced quilting patterns, so check it out.  The only thing about the patterns is that they cannot be used on something for sale. You can use them for personal projects and charity uses, but not for sale.  I use them regularly to make cards.  I especially like to use the phoenix from Harry Potter for get well cards.  You know the phoenix rises from the ashes, and his tears have healing powers.  (Ok - if that all sounds like I've gone off the deep end.... I do know it's not real... magic, but you can't change my mind about miracles.  I have been involved in some of those, and KNOW them to be real. I hope they happen to you, too!  Just when you need them!)

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So that's it for # 98. 

Hearts and Hugs to you all!