Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Paddy's Day

I've been raiding the archives of my previous posts for green things I've made, in order to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.... I AM IRISH - just like most of us. 
So here's a bit o'green for you to enjoy, and I'll be linkin' this post up to Val's Tuesday Linky Party.

This is the Bowtruckle from Harry Potter blocks at Fandom In Stitches - my favorite place for free paper piecing patterns.

And this Palm Leaf, I paper pieced in lots of other colors. I sooooo enjoyed making the blocks, but once they were put together, there are so many hard lumps where seams come together... It's a UFO right now. (I don't remember where I got the pattern... it was a free one, I know that and it's called Red Herring, I think.)

This is the wrong colored Felix Felicis I made from the Fandom In Stitches pattern.( Really shouldn't good luck be green rather than golden?) Anyway, I'm wishin' you all the best of the Luck of the Irish... today and always.