Sunday, December 11, 2011

Folded Wreaths

Hello Friends,

I've been making little wreaths for the small packages we are sending for gifts this year. Here's the picture of one for each of my kids, their spices and their kids.

The big one on the right is made of 8 - 6" papers and the others are all 12 - 3" papers. I used Sandy's Space  as a starting point. While making all these I learned that you don't have to be that precise and that there is a pocket on the front and back for each of the tabs, so use one in front and one in back, and it'll turn out less bulky. The project is a bit exasperating... especially if you have a shaky hand. So beware. I used premade bows - had to go to 3 stores looking for them - so much stuff is already gone from the stores. Also, there is a gold or silver thread with which to hang them on the tree.

I used 12" square scrapbook paper in a color they liked, or representing something the recipient is interested in... one has musical notes, another basketballs, etc. I thought I'd make some for an ETSY shop, but there is too much of that afore mentioned exasperation.  Besides you can make your own.  I have every confidence in your abilities.

Next up, tags to id. the gifts. And then we wrap and ship.

Hope you are doing better with your Christmas preparations. The kitchen is scheduled to be done on Dec. 23, but I'm not holding my breath.