Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WOW - 2 days in a row!

Okay, I know it's not a big deal to most of you, but I really don't post this often, as you all know.  I just remembered a project I've been working on recently that I didn't mention yesterday.

Here's the pictures:

This is the mess from my sewing room... 10 paper shopping bags full of mostly fabric snippets, although there are a few pieces of batting, and some unsuccessful blocks from me, and from my Grandma, tossed in, as well. ( I still have a box, 12" x 15", full of larger scraps that I'm going to sort into plastic zip bags and store by color, and a small basket of non quilty fabrics saved for unknown projects.)  I've had the mess out to garner any bigger pieces for the Triangles Quilt, and went through them as I filled out these faux cheetah fur pillows.  I used 2 yards of fake fur, which was on sale last week at JoAnn's, and made 2 floor pillows. See the one that is finished below.


This you may recognize as the coffee swilling, paper reading, massage chair inhabiting, ham-it-up husband of mine. He always wants his picture in the blog. (And where would I be without him?)

This is the artwork I wait for 10 months of the year.  It's really just my bathroom window, but you see such a gorgeous abstract "painting" and it changes every day to more and more intense colors as my 3 Sweet Gums (Liquidambar Styrclflua, I think) are changing into their fall costumes. The color casts around the small room, too, so it is a wonderful effect.

That's it for today! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for hanging in there with me as I whine about my kitchen.  Love all you followers and visitors!