Friday, July 30, 2010

First Post, Yah!

Hello friends! 
Here I am at last, a new blogger!  I've been wanting to do this for a long time and just needed a little boost (technology wise) from a friend.  Thanks Sarah!  Sarah is my new DIL2b.  She has a blog at ... well, I'm too new at this to give you the address.  Give me a couple of days and I'll get that for you.

If this all works out, I will be showing cards I make and quilts I sew.  Sometimes I sew little quilts for cards, too.  The picture that I hope goes with this post was a piece of fabric that I quilted up for Project Linus to give to the Haitians after the earthquake.  Okay, I hear some of you wondering why  a kid from Haiti would want a quilt... it isn't cold there.  No, but after the quake they had to live outside, and a quilt could be comfy to sit on, or to use as a shade maker. I hope someone is loving it.  (Okay, the picture is at the bottom of the page.  I hope you can see it.)

So that is that for this post.  Hope it all goes according to plan.  Come on back and see what I've learned so far!