Monday, May 7, 2012

Last post for a week

I'm gone to Alaska today, but I wanted to show you the quilt up on the design wall ready to baste when I get back. Yes, I baste on the design wall. (Mine is made of craft board... soft middle with a hard top and bottom.) I pin up my blocks when designing. I like to baste this way because I don't have to bend down all day using the floor, and I don't have people walking on it, and I don't have to try to get up from the floor...I'm just that old.
Anyway, here's a UFO I found while cleaning... drastic, I know, but I tidied a bit!  So here's what  is on the wall now. See the batting and backing? I have pins all around to hold it all taut, then I baste... big stitches on the back, and little ones on the front. (I found that big stitches on the top catch on protrusions on my sewing machine... and we can't have that now. Can we?  I'm hoping to get this one done and bring it along to Open House for Project Linus... (Bet you are getting tired of that phrase.)

So, again, so long for a week!