Wednesday, April 29, 2015

May is Coming Soon

Just reading through the blogs I follow, and noticed that Angela has chosen (very wisely, I'd say) green for the Month of May for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. May is meant for green - the birthstone is Emerald! Plus this is the month the grass grows and grows, isn't it? Anyway I did my scientific study of the color, and here are the results...

 My crayon box is the authority in this scientific study, as usual. This time I found 9 - count them - 9 green colors. They are listed below.

That is green at the top, followed by asparagus, olive, forest green, sea green, Granny Smith apple (my favorite) Spring green (the only one capitalized by Crayola) yellow green and the controversially named green yellow.
I discovered that there is very little difference between Spring green and green yellow.... Why have two so close in color? Another quandary: Why is yellow green greener than green yellow? When I read the ingredients on my groceries I'm to believe that the first listed ingredient is the most of the product. So I think yellow green should be more yellow, and green yellow should be greener... Are you with me on this very important question?  LOL
Anyway, now I've got the idea what to use for my butterflies. I should just go to the green bin and choose some fabrics. Lots easier.

And another thing...

The goldfinches have turned golden.  See two of them on the bird feeder stand?  There were lots of pictures taken to catch them... I deleted all the pictures without them. They are quick, or camera shy.

 (Also, look quickly... the sun is shining! In WA? What an anomaly). (I guess Ma Nature heard my thinking here.... As I am reading through this I noticed the sun has left the building. Sun is camera shy, too.)

I did start quilting on the Good Night Irene last night.... Two lines... one this way and one that way. Nothing to show, but I'm liking the looks so far.

So enjoy your green scraps, and I'll see you on Saturday at soscrappy for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.


Monday, April 27, 2015

POD 16 and magnolia

First a picture of the magnolia newly transplanted and loving the new space. See the new big leaves? and it has a new leaf bud forming again.

POD 16
Here's my block... a bit blurry, but you get the idea. It took me 3 tries to get it to this point.

I started to make Arnold the Pygmy Puff and thought... HMMM. If this is Harry Potter's bookcase, Ginny's stuff would be there, too. It'd be her Pygmy Puff there. Now what color was it? So I checked with a Wikipedia site and found out that her's was purple. Okay, start over. And then I wanted to use the "history of flight" fabric for Harry's book on fixing broomsticks... Oh well. It's just so busy that the broom gets lost. Start over again.  But I like how the block turned out... just not how the picture looks.
Now on to some H2H quilting. Finally!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

POD #15

This one was a challenge...

that's why I took so long to do it. I like it, but I should have made my vial white on the top. I used the back of the background fabric, and it isn't different enough to read as glass. Oh well, it is done. Too late to get it onto the Tuesday pictures on Fandom In Stitches, but done. Hope you like it.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

H2H Progress Sharing Day

I don't know how much progress this is... I do have the basting pins into the sandwich. Hopefully quilting will begin this week.  This is where it has been for a week. It is on the sewing

 The spotty white all around is batting with the butterfly backing showing through.

Here's how it looks straight on...with the pins and not quilted yet. I do have a plan for squiggly lines of quilting down through the legs of the Xs, and the batting will tolerate that little bit of quilting, but seems like there should be something in the squares as well. Suggestions?

So have a lovely Spring Sunday,

Friday, April 17, 2015

Tulip Festival Woodland WA

Lots of pretty flowers... this is the Hubby yellow tulip...LOL

and this is the Me yellow

 Some really pretty parrots and purples

and really all kinds of tulip types and colors

 This is my favorite the King Orange...
A sign in the gift shop. I guess I'd go find out what Slughorn knew about Voldemort.
Another field of flowers.

And down the street is the lilac farm. This  is an azalea (tree), I think.

The sign says what farm it is, but it wasn't open until tomorrow. I took the picture for the tall Monkey Puzzle Tree in the background.
Here's a close up of the Monkey Puzzle Tree.  (I have tree envy.) You know I want seeds.
So that's what we did today. Afterwards we took a little car tour of Woodland - they have some lovely over 100 year old homes. (I have home envy, too.) And then we stopped at Dairy Queen. I had the small Blizzard of Carmel Chocolate Truffle. It was delicious. It's great to be retired.
So Happy Weekend to you all.

4 More Purple Butterflies

I usually take these pictures on my ironing surface, but the space is filled up with stuff taken off of the sewing machine in order to quilt. That's how I work in that little room. On a regular basis I have to move stuff out of the way. There's no set place for it. Then later I have to move it again. The only reason I could find these is when I finish one I bring it out to the computer. That's my couch in the background.

On Saturday I'll share these on the Rainbow Challenge... see the button on the right.
Hubby's computer was taken over by someone... AAAAAAAAAAAAAA
He had email up, and went to shave...  While he was gone there were typing beeps going in his machine. I thought, at first, that it was his printer, but it was coming from his computer. After a few minutes of that there was a power down sound, and then the typing sound again. Has this happened to any of you? He called his email carrier, but they say it's a software problem. And while he was on the phone with them some strange list appeared on my post writing field for the title. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  I guess the updates added this morning (again without my permission) is to blame for that. Microsoft what are you doing to us?
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quilt Show Vancouver WA

Last Saturday we headed into unknown territory (in our new city) to see a quilt show. Here are a few of the excellent quilts that were shown.

I love the above minimalist quilt.
And this one is minimalist, too... and how brave to make circles. They were perfectly round, it's the quilting that distorts some of them.

I liked this Santa and Reindeer just because it's so comical.  Did you know that only female reindeer have horns at Christmas time? Does tell you how they are able to fly.

The quilting on this one is very evocative of wave swells. Just had to have a picture of that.

And since I want to make a NY Beauty some day...

Isn't this one gorgeous? But I don't remember the Pearl being a drop earring.

They ran out of ribbons, so they made up some copies and pinned those on for when the ribbons came in.
 I also want to make a landscape at some many quilts, so little time.

Sorry this one is out of focus - I liked the idea of a watercolor landscape.

This one is a combo of specific fabrics with Broderie Purse and applique. Loved it.
That's the sample I've got for you. It was an amazingly big show, lots of quilts and lots of vendors. I had a great time. Hope you enjoy this little segment.
Tomorrow we are off to see the Tulip Festival - somewhere North. I'll report back.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Not many new ones

Here are all - so far.

The one on the bottom is unfinished.  Guess I'd better get with things. I haven't been doing much of anything lately.
Happy Weekend Friends,

Friday, April 10, 2015

Week 14 - Elder Wand

This week we had a choice of three different wands to put on the book case. I chose the Elder Wand.  It was Harry's for a bit of time.
I made the picture larger this time so you could see the fabric I used for the wand. Doesn't it make the wand look old?

So that's all for today. Off to work on something else... who know what.

Happy Weekend to you all.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I made a Monster...

 Introducing the Monster Book of Monsters for the POD 13...

He's tricky to match up the fur, so in some places he has a cowlick.... You know monsters don't brush or comb, and if you notice they don't brush their teeth either. I love his fierce eyes. He's going to be guarding the sewing room for a while. That'll keep the mice away.

Have a wonderful week.

New bloomers

You know that old phrase "Bloom where you are planted"?  Well, finally after about 20 years this orchid from Hawaii did.
In the old days you could bring home plants (that were okayed by the government) from Hawaii. On our first trip there I bought 2 orchids. One died... here's the other one -

 One picture this way, and
one that way... same plant, 3 blooms. And April is the purple month, so it's quite timely.  I'm very happy to finally see what it looks like.  No Ashleigh, this isn't like the one I gave you. Yours will blossom with little blue flowers.
At least there is something going on in the sewing room.