Sunday, April 19, 2015

H2H Progress Sharing Day

I don't know how much progress this is... I do have the basting pins into the sandwich. Hopefully quilting will begin this week.  This is where it has been for a week. It is on the sewing

 The spotty white all around is batting with the butterfly backing showing through.

Here's how it looks straight on...with the pins and not quilted yet. I do have a plan for squiggly lines of quilting down through the legs of the Xs, and the batting will tolerate that little bit of quilting, but seems like there should be something in the squares as well. Suggestions?

So have a lovely Spring Sunday,


  1. this is really pretty! i just really do straight line quilting, so I can't give you any suggestions. I love the white against those vivid colors...hugs, Julierose

  2. I love this quilt design and will keep it in mind for a project of my own. Your version looks great. I love the patchwork.

  3. This is going to be a wonderful quilt. I really like this pattern.
    I either do an overall meander or horizontal wavy lines. Have done some straight line quilting. That's it.

  4. I love your version of Goodnight Irene, Terri. Unfortunately, I don't quilt anything larger than a baby quilt myself. I wish I could. I think anything curvy you do will compliment the design.

  5. Nice quilt top. I only straight stitch by machine, so, I'm no help. Sorry.

  6. I really like your scrappy top design! I need to make one of these soon.

  7. I just finished one of these quilts. I used a small feather in the white "x" I stabilized the outside of the "16-patch with ears" and used the "Terry twist" in the squares of the 16-patch. You can just Google Terry Twist for pictures. My bride loved it.

  8. I would do another line of diagonal wavy stitching through the centre of the squares ...easy peasy!

  9. I agree with another line of quitting on the diagonals through the 16-patch blocks, even if just to secure them down. Since they touch on the corners, it won't show much, so it might be easier to just do a straight diagonal rather than a wavy one... It's awfully pretty, Terri!


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