Monday, September 30, 2013

Playing Hooky

I hope I don't offend any of my international readers, but here "playing hooky" means doing anything to get out of doing what you are supposed to be doing. I'm blogging, I'm at a cross roads in the filling of boxes. I've got the books and magazines packed... how do I do the rest.
Anyway here are a couple of pictures

Some leaves from my little oak - starting to turn color. Most years it goes from green to brown. Guess it is mature enough to be colored in the fall.... I'm so proud. (It's gotten little acorns for the past few years, too.)

And this is the new set of buds on an orchid I've had for 10 years or so... Now that I'm moving it decides to bloom! Isn't that the way things go? I have no idea what color or shape it will be. It's not like any of the other ones. (Window behind shows the trees we call tangerine - on the right is a Clementine (Mandarin Orange, we think) the one on the left is delicious little orbs of tangy citrus goodness.
On the window sill are some Halloween plants for the Trick or Treaters in yogurt cups. Some of those little plants are so darling, so beautiful... it's going to be hard to give them away. One near the right edge is an orchid, too. (The kind that gets little blue flowers that have a lovely spicy scent.) Much nicer than the mother plant...
Well, back to the grind. Hope you enjoyed your little (plant) visit here.