Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More of the Folsom Quilt Show

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I changed my header so you'd have a little Valentine from me. You know where to get the paper piecing patterns, Sewhooked from her Free Pattern button at the top. She has all kinds of free patterns for paper piecing, and directions if you need them.

We are having a marvy day here. It's partly sunny and so warm you can go outside in a T shirt... well, you'd better wear pants, too.  We've had some rain recently - just enough to keep the fear of drought off our minds, and they promise more, but we will see. So things have started blooming - locally the almond trees, and some ornamentals (I don't know the name of), the daffodils are coming open one at a time, and the winter blooming azalea and camellia have just started, too. We've had one of those confusing winters again. Dry - which hardly ever happens - and colder than usual. (We had to put the Christmas lights and some spot lights out in the citrus area so our fruit wouldn't go bad. Keeps it juuuust warm enough that nothing freezes.)

That's enough chit chat, On With The Quilt Show!

This is "Maligue Lake" by Ann Barrow. I'd like to try my hand at a landscape quilt. And this one reminds me of a dream I had a few years ago.

Here's a close up of the bear.  In the dream I was right next to a bear. He was growling and smelled really badly.  Somehow I was not afraid... then I woke up, next to a snoring hubby.  You ever have dreams like that?

Below: "Threads That Bind" by Janet Sweetland. I've seen alot of spool quilts around Blogland, and I thought this one was really nice.  She must have a bundle of ombre threads... there is a close up after this picture, that shows the ombre idea even better. I love the garland around the outer border.  See the scissors in the upper left?

The next 5 pictures are again for you applique enthusiasts. I didn't want you to miss any of this quilt. It was amazing in person. It's really big!  It's called "New York Baltimore" by Dawn Licker. The brochure says:
"This is one of 40 quilts chosen out of 400 to exhibit at Houston, Cincinnati and Long Beach. It was made completely with 1800's reproduction fabrics and is a copy of a quilt which resides in the Metropolitan Museum."
What an honor! but then - what a quilt. I feel privileged just to have seen it. Wonder what Dawn feels like...

This is the center... I wanted you to see the basket, how it's made. Amazing, isn't it?

This last quilt was in the Art Quilt Room - like none of the others were art! All the same, these are remarkable. This one (above and below is the same quilt) is in 4 panels, each made by a different person, of a painting by Wayne Thiebaud called "River and Farms" 1996. The quilt is called "Over the River and Through the Farms (to Wayne's House We Will Go)". It's made by Anita Marshall, Jenny Lyon, Margo Wilson, and Donna Brennan. I love it. It's just amazing that they got the scale so close that the field with the trees is only interrupted by the end of one artists piece and the beginning of the next one's piece. Has anyone else ever seen panels like this before?  There was another panel quilt next to it, but I didn't get a picture of that one... ran out of space on the chip. I wanted to direct your eye to the orchard in the bottom right.  The piece that continues to the left has part of that orchard, too, and that part is in 3-D! The little trees are about 1/2" tall.
Well, that is all from the show.  Next time I'll show you the 4 new HP patterns I did.

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day. My sweety is taking me out for dinner. Hurray!