Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We are here, but not quite all there....

So we got here and just before the moving van got to our house we found out that the owner would allow us to move our stuff into the house, but we couldn't live there even offering to pay rent! That was July 23 and we are still staying in a motel waiting for the U.S. Bank's underwriter to figure out that we are reliable people. You wouldn't believe the different things that woman is asking for... papers that were in the package of papers we gave the loan officer. I figure the only thing left to ask for is our underwear sizes. LOL

 So here are some pictures taken on our trip from Vancouver Washington (state) to Superior Wisconsin.

 Sunset across the Columbia River seen from the from the Oregon side... looking back at Washington.

It was great weather the whole way... the storms stayed off the road.

 Long vistas in Wyoming (another W state).
Carpet at one of the motels... I don't even remember which one.... Looked like a quilt to me.

Hubby's breakfast.... Pancake maker was nearly empty. LOL

Fab fabric I bought at the quilt store in Wyoming. The only fabric store I went to on our trip... Keama's Quilts in Green River, WY.

Here's some  more of the purchase... The rodeo rider is the image from the Wyoming State License Plate. The local high school printed the fabric especially for her store.
The ladies are very helpful and friendly and they do business online, too. Here is their web address.

She has lots of fabric, books, notions, specialty rulers, etc. I got this book. Shopping was almost the best part of the trip.

I know what you're thinking. What could be better than fabric shopping?  How about being carded?  I got carded at Red Robin Restaurant in Utah.  Not once, but twice for one (1) margarita. Utah cards anyone who orders a drink, not once but twice. That was the best! I'd never been carded before, mostly cause I don't drink that much. I guess I proved that I was over 21. (I'm more than 3 times that.)

I guess getting here safely was the best thing - all my plants made it without incident. I'm glad that's over.
Looking forward to blogging and reading yours. I've been away too long.