Friday, March 9, 2012

YES! We Have a WINNER!!!!


I am so excited to proclaim the winner of the "What Block is This" contest!   The winning guess is

"Ok, here is my next guess, I guess that it is 'Lily'. I still like your blue background much better than the green one." by Cheryl of Cheryls Teapots 2 Quilting.

She was the first correct guess. She took my clues and went to Fandom in Stitches to look for the pattern.  That's just what I wanted you all to do.  So Congratulations Cheryl!!!  The Lily block is headed your way. That concludes the contest. Thank you to all who played. I appreciate your indulgence with my little game.
For those of you just tuning in, here is half of the contest square to identify. It was the last clue, I think.

And here is the finished block that Cheryl will be receiving:

It's not a real difficult block to make (not the easiest either). You can find a free pattern for it at Fandom in Stitches. Jennifer is the hostess and designer extraordinaire. She has all kinds of fan based designs like Harry Potter, Vampire, Sesame Street, SiFy, Sports, and more. These are just some of the topics, and she has directions for paper piecing, too.  So if you have ever wanted to try pp, go over there, or to her other blog, Sewhooked where she has more free patterns like hearts, that aren't part of a show. She also sells (quite reasonably) other original paper pieced designs you can use for personal or charity quilts and other items.

Well, that's it for today... I've gotta go pick all the rest of the oranges and tangerines quickly before the bees start to find flowers there to pollinate. I don't want to be gathering along with them.  Until next time.....
Congrats again Cheryl!!!


P.S. Please remember my Daughter, Chrissy, in your prayers today (and every day). She's been such a trooper, going through all the ways to beat the breast cancer and now it's a tumor on her liver to fight.....She can use all the help she can get!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!