Friday, January 13, 2012

Back to normal! A WIP and another Fawkes...

Welcome to my spot in blogland...   Ahhh, I still have one.

So far I have the pieces cut and hanging on the design wall - (please pardon the lumpy look, but the little triangles are still pinned there under the "jelly roll" strips.
Here's the picture of my WIP:

As you can see there are a few sewed together on the right - sorry about the sun spots. (We are having the prettiest winter we have ever had since I've lived in CA since Dec. 1979.  We've had but mist since Oct, and we really need the rain.) I have incorporated a bunch of my stash in the classic blue and yellow-orange colors... and I've been influenced by an  esteemed colleague . I like the cheery fabrics she buys and uses and I think you will, too. I did buy a few fabrics I've liked that she uses.

Below find the latest Fawkes.. the only one at my house currently. (If you are new to this blog, you might not know that you can find Harry Potter (and other genre) paper piecing patterns for free at Fandom in Stitches (one of my favorite blog spots) who today is showing a cardinal... If you follow this blog you will find that Veeeery Interesting. It isn't my cardinal.... I want that very clear... I have not trouble with her version! It isn't my version. It's just funny how life works out.

Anyway, heeeeere's Fawkes, again. I like the background of this one. Fawkes in the cave, I guess.

Sorry I didn't crop this picture, but I don't have software for cropping any more. New computer. The old one had a "fix it" button - all "kina" ways to change your photo, and I don't have that now.  Tonight I'm going to tackle the "Knight Bus" from the Fandom in Stitches collection of HP patterns. (You can use them personally or for a charity project, but not for sale items.) I don't know what to do with the blocks I'm making, but I enjoy the making.  If you go over there to FiS, you can find the cardinal, there are patterns for SiFy and Animation and Vampire subjects as well as HP and some I don't remember. Today's cardinal is going into the Sports heading.  Have fun. If you have any questions about paper piecing, Jennifer has directions, too. And you can always ask me. I've done a bunch of that and I'd love to help you out.