Sunday, October 30, 2016

This year's crop of little plants for Halloween

This is my dining room table until tomorrow night.  We gathered them there from around the house.  These plants will be going to Trick or Treaters. In the front right a couple of Begonias...

3 African Violets and some evergreen bush from my yard

Hen & Chicks and Hoyas

An Avocado tree started from a pit

A whole bunch of Pearl Plants from my friend Paulette - Thanks Paulette!

Some Christmas Cactus, Wandering Jew, and a couple plants I can't identify.  There are also little blue Orchids.... didn't get into the pictures.

So we are almost ready... Making seed packets tonight. I've got some rhubarb seeds this year! Come on over, follow the spiders to our garage and pick out a plant. Don't forget the candy!

Happy Halloween