Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Other paper pieced UFOs

Just a short one today to show you there are other paper piecing patterns other than Harry Potter ones.

Apple Cores, a UFO that will go with the block below, and two other blocks, one with green and the other with yellow backgrounds. I don't know how it will go together yet, but there will be a border on the outside that will name my favorite apples.

I like the pink is so cold. The pattern is from QuiltMaker.

This is 4 paper pieced White Bunnies. I made it for my Great Grand Niece who is now 3. She did get a grander one, but I don't have a picture of it... the bunnies are encircled by a white picket fence. This one was not given because as I was basting it I noticed that the white fabric allowed the light pink backing to show through. I didn't know how to solve that problem. I should have added  a panel of heavier white to the back, but I painted the bunnies on the back. Then I figured that the paint would flake or otherwise endanger baby. So I started from scratch and made a different quilt. What do I do now? Do you think if I washed it I could get the Acrylic paint off of it? I'd like to donate it to Project Linus. The bunny paper piecing pattern is from Quilters Cache, I think.

This is a pattern from QuiltMaker... designed by a hubby of a quilter for use by Project Linus. I started it with a future granddaughter or great granddaughter in mind. It has words quilted into the light colored print. The words are attributes I wish for my little grand not yet born. Love is in the center, and other words are Hope, Charity, Health, Wealth, Honesty, Joy, etc. (I printed out words and then increased the size, and sewed through the paper. The word Grace is featured in the picture below.

Can you see it on the right side of the V shape. I just loved that "fairy" print. The paper piecing is the half Log Cabin pieces... made the top so easy to do. Why isn't it finished, you ask. I'm wondering how to quilt the log cabin parts. I guess I could go around the strips... stitch in the ditch, but then there is the big green border needing quilting, too.

My Palm Leaves quilt is all paper pieced (see the current header of this blog). I have also made paper pieced snowmen, cardinals and doves as Christmas cards for my family, but I don't have any of them to show you. Don't think I even got a picture of any of them. I have made 3 quilts with paper pieced birds and one with flowers and butterflies on it that were all paper pieced... so you can get other patterns than Harry Potter.

Use my tutorial and try paper piecing. You will be glad you did.