Sunday, July 6, 2014

Aftermath of FMQ Try and the Giveaway Winner Announced

Here's how my FMQ try turned out:

And from the front

In other news - the Magpies are back! They nearly died out here from West Nile Disease a few years back, so we are happy their numbers have increased to this bunch. They played nicely with the crows and took turns eating the old bread we threw out for them all. You don't see that very often in nature.
 They are quite camera shy. I tried to get more pictures this afternoon, and every time I raised the camera (even from inside the kitchen) they flew away. Given a few minutes, they were back, and again as the camera went up.... off they went.
 See the crow in the neighbor's yard. They feed them, too, and another neighbor next door to them.

Now down to work!  Here's the hat. (We do things low tech here.)

Filled with names.  All the comments and all the followers, too.

Here's the name picker....

Jean (from the follower list) is the winner!
Congrats to you. Thank you for being a follower. Your 14 fat quarters goes into the mail tomorrow, if I can determine a snail mail address for you by that time.
Thank you all for playing along. I had fun and learned a lot of new tips for FMQ. I hope you all had fun here, too.
Have a fun rest of your weekend.

Winner named later...

The winner of the Fabulous Fourteen Fat Quarters will be named later.... this afternoon. Here it is now 10 a.m.

I just wanted to tell you about Val's latest idea. Go to her blog - you can use the Piggy Bank link that is currently at the top of my right side bar. She'll tell you all about it. I'm saving my coinage for something big... My hubby promised that when the house sells, I get a long arm quilting machine!!! (Sell, Baby, Sell!) There will be other costs having one of those. Extra thread, maintenance, etc. So I'll be joining Val in her Piggy Bank Challenge. (My rule will be "No Bills") That should take a load out of my purse.

So in anticipation of the name of the winner....