Saturday, January 3, 2015

Blue blox

Rainbow Scrap Challenge day, and I have one block, well, maybe 3 quilts started.

I sorted through the blues box...

I found the blocks I made for RSC last year...

Below is the kind of butterfly I wanted to make, but I couldn't find the pattern.

 I did find the pattern for the one below. Okay, I wanted to make a butterfly quilt, maybe I'll make 2.
So there it is. I'm thinking a color on white like this one, and a white butterfly on the color - a negative of this way. I'll work on that one next. Keep your fingers crossed for me so I can find my bigger butterfly pattern. (Should be in a heavy book box in Crafts.)
To see what others are making for the RSC check out soscrappy today.
And have a beautiful tomorrow,