Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June Oneth!

Rainbow Scrap Challenge has set the colors for June 2016 for blues and lime green! Just the colors I want to use for a Storm At Sea for my Alyssa (granddaughter).  I'm starting a wedding quilt for her...
Still working on the Love Ring (uses the Drunkard's Path pattern) for another granddaughter (Rachael) getting married some time (this month?). They'll probably be given late... I'm no where near to the finish.
Val is looking for a few good quilters to join in her I Spy fabric exchange. Check her blog for the rules. I have some fabrics, but not the right stuff.

My African Violet is really outdoing itself this year. I've pinched a few of the leaves and started 4 for the Halloween giveaway.  Hope they all take. Here I think that indoor plants will be more desired. Lots of the plants I brought with me have died. Lack of sunshine, is the cause, I think.

Well, back to the secret project that everyone knows about... I was just too excited about it not to share.  Got a star nearly done and two different hands cut out and fabric chosen. Gotta find a few more patterns, (Just remembered some butterflies I made years ago.) maybe some I Spy fabrics, too.  (Star, below, still needs to be sewn together.)

Sew, that is all from here. Hope your there is sunny and warm... we are not!