Friday, April 15, 2011

Finally a card! and more flowers

Hello again friends,
I finally made a card and took a picture of it before I sent it off!!!!!!!  It's one of my stars made for that wall hanging I started a while ago. I used double sided tape to attach it to the back of the window that I cut on my Fiskars cutting tool...(I don't know how else to discribe it.) Anyway, I then attach the whole thing to the front of the card.

I linked this one up to Cas-ual Fridays

Here is how I did the inside.  It was done with my computer word program... word works, I think.  Lots of fun to do.

And now some more bloom'n plants from my yard.

This is my fabulous Japanese (or Chinese) Maple tree that we bought about 10 years ago for $1.49.  It was only about 2 inches tall then.  Now I'd say 10 foot.  Anyway, it is blooming - aren't they lovely blossoms. I sure hope I can get some seeds from it.  Wouldn't they be marvelous to share with the Trick or Treaters?

This is a Vinca... lots more flowers, but I wanted to show you a close up.  The leaves are shiny and it is a wonderful viney ground cover. I've got some started for Halloween, too.

Here is the last of the China Berry Bush flowers. It liked to bloom during the rains, so I never got a really nice picture when there were lots of blooms. Here, too, I'm hoping for seeds.

I know I've shown my Golden Delicious Apple blooming before, but I just couldn't help it.  It is covered with flowers and I had to be slow and careful while taking pictures under it - violets are coming up below - the bees are bussssssay!  Last year we only had a few apple runs for the deer... This year we will be bringing all the fruit that starts to rot to them.  Saves putting it into the landfill, and here the summer is so dry that our grasses in the woods have already started to go brown. (It has already grown to maturity since it starts to grow in December when the rains start up.) So when the deer have little to eat we bring them our yucky apples and they love them! 
I wish I had smell o'vision on his computer so I could send you a whiff of blooms!  Heaven on earth!

This is my shamrock.

Don't you just love the unexpected flowers that come up in the grass. Here are some little purple ones... don't know what they are, and that is some of the beauty of wildflowers. 

These are the Violets that live under my apple tree. I did get my hair caught in a branch as I stood up from taking this picture.  Lucky I didn't anger any bees.

Our Lilacs are on the verge of blooming, just not all the way at once!

And last but not least, the Lavender - blooms all year long here.  We have it  taking a big piece of our veggie garden... I'm thinking of just planting the whole thing in lavender and not having to pick beans all summer. Nothing else appeals to either of us.  Beets don't do to badly in this plot, but the carrots are gnarly because of the roots from nearby trees and all the rocks.  We have had tomatoes, but only a few on a bush that cost more than a few fruit - so why not just buy them from the store.  What do you grow in your gardens?

Well, we've come to the end of the pictures for today.  I do want to let you all know that my Dear Daughter made it through her double mastectomy surgery and is resting (Ya sure!) at home. Thank you for all your prayers and your concern. She has been remarkable through all her ordeals... we are so happy for her, and so proud of the way she has handled this all!  
So, on that happy note... have a fabulous weekend!
Love to all of you, and to yours,