Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bobbins Found and Books

Today we are working on books for the Harry Potter (paper pieced) bookshelves. Here is the pattern for one book...
I crazily wanted to use some fabric that looks like pages in an ancient book. You will never know how hard I toiled...

 to make this seam work out... that's the angle to put in the second piece of "pages" and try to match that little triangle #2.... I was thinking some expletives, I'll tell you. Took me about an hour to get it done. (I'll show the block tomorrow.)
And while I was working there with a very uncooperative pincushion, I decided to make my own with the magnet I use to pick up pins off the floor. (No picture, but it works great.) I went to the sewing box to find some new pins (that were sharp and not bent) and here's what I found.

Okay, you see the pins, but I see the bobbins I've been looking all over the sewing room for since we moved here in November!

I struck gold, and now I'm in business! I won't have to tear the thread off  of one to change the color. Hurrah, and Huzzah, and YES - my joy for today.