Friday, March 20, 2015

Harry Potter bookcase quilt block 11 Hedwig

I've made the smaller version of Hedwig lots of times.  This time I made her with a light grey muzzle and curly feathers on her chest. The white on white is a fireworks pattern. 

Since the book is red and gold I'm thinking it'll be a book not mentioned on any list... Famous Gryffindors of the 20th Century. (All thousand years of them wouldn't all fit in a book.)

You can still join up with the QAL. See the Fandom In Stitches button on the right.
There was a choice this week of Malfoy's Eagle Owl or Pigwidgeon, Ron's owl, or Errol the Weasley's family owl, or this one of Hedwig.

Really enjoying the making of these bookcase blocks. Thanks for running the QAL again, Jennifer.
Happy Weekend to you all,