Monday, July 29, 2013

A Dragon in my Backyard!

Sorry, no quilting... I've been gardening. Well, potting up snips for Halloween. You've gotta make them early, so they are rooted, and maybe even blooming for the kids. This might be my last year doing this... we are looking at moving to Superior, Wisconsin... Yes - it's cold country, but there we can buy a house that we may be able to live in for free and the tenants pay rent that will pay for our house and utilities. (Otherwise we could easily become street bums.)

Sew there really isn't anything to share - picture wise - except this one and variations...

a golden dragonfly perched on the very top of my potted Silk Oak (from seed)
The pot contains the silk oak, and his buddies the Cosmos plants that provide seed to the local Goldfinches. They love the seeds, and took so many last year that there were none for the seed packets for the Trick or Treaters.

Our Phoebe also sits this perch in the early evening to fly out and capture bugs.

These all are views of my back yard. The bush to the left is a Pineapple Guava, and on the right is one of the 2 Avocado trees I started from pits. We have gotten fruit off of the one, the other is the guardian and gets ruined each year by the frosts. I have made quite a few Avocado trees from the pits left after eating the fruit... and some pits have come from the possum eating  fruit.
Hope you enjoyed the dragon in my backyard. Have a lovely week.