Saturday, October 13, 2012

Good News on my Chrissy!

No pictures this time....
Chrissy just wrote in her Caringbridge Journal - like e mail, but goes out to lots of people all at once.... She just let everyone know that her liver is getting clearer! This last MRI (on Thursday) of it shows fewer tumors. It means that her regular chemo is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't mean that the cancer is gone, but that lots of the tumors are gone, and that may be the best we can hope for at this time...
She thinks its the medicine working, and we will let her think whatever she wants to... I feel it is all the prayers from perfect strangers that is helping. You know who you are! You all who have been praying for her, Thank You!

I met a really nice lady at JoAnn's the other day, we had so much in common. We talked right there in the store for maybe an hour - of course within that hour I told her about my Chrissy. She took my arm and told me she'd pray for her.... We hugged several times and exchanged phone numbers and favorite books and websites for paper piecing.  The point I'm blundering up to is that there are so many nice people out there, who will pray for someone in trouble. What a wonderful world it is!

Please keep up the good praying. My Chrissy is in a better way, but she is still fighting the cancer. I feel that someone has God's ear, we may never know who, so we've all gotta keep praying.

With that plea I will say good night, and hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend.