Saturday, March 9, 2019

What I've been working on

Mostly I've been procrastinating, but I did make all 121 of these blocks.  (Working early on the H2H quilt for Happy Chemo.) Hands to Help Comfort Quilt Challenge starts on Sunday (tomorrow).

I'm calling it a "Wonky Wedge". I tried to use a limited pallet of blue, purple and green.
Below is the first 4 blocks sewn together (upper left). Blocks always look better after being pressed and sewn together, don't you think so?

Sew I have been using my green scraps...  This quilt is easy and uses your scraps, even strips work.

 Close ups are a few of my favorite prints.

Blocks are made from a 5" square of white (121 are a mix of two different prints of white on white and  some off white), then sew varying size and shape triangles onto each.  Somehow I made some bloopers that went the wrong way. I figured it is just another part of "wonky". 

We are supposed to get a snow storm starting this evening, but the weather people can't decide if  it will be 1" or 8".  We will see. We do have enough already. I'm tired of shoveling, and I only helped a couple of times.

Have a wonderful weekend.